Friday, October 10, 2008

Task for the Weekend: Find Blizzcon News.

Yep. Not having the opportunity to go to Blizzcon (*shakes fist at finances and geographic location*) I'll be scouring the intertrons for Paladin/Warcraft/Anything Interesting Blizzcon news and video. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to a be a good streaming resource for the Panels that I want to see so I'll have to rely on the reporting of fansites and blogs for it. Amusingly Youtube will also be a pretty good resource in the days after Blizzcon if past years are anything to go by, must be all those intrepid bloggers taking video and then frantically posting it. ;)

So, if I see anything interesting I'll be sure to throw it up on the Blog as a link or something. Equally if any of your guys see an interesting tidbit of information do link it to me in comments.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the Bubble-hearth Paladin Blizzcon goodie-bag item here it is on MMO-champion:


Chrom 10/10/2008, 21:29  


Isnt WCradio streaming live content from blizzcon all weekend?

these guys are great. their weekly shows have gotten me up to speed on all the latest on patch 3.0and Wotlk.
they should be doing audio/video all weekend.
informative and amusing....


Situational Paladin

Suicidal Zebra 10/10/2008, 22:05  

Thanks Chrom :D

Just jumped into the stream as they were talking about Ret Paladins. The boos were... audible ;)

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