Friday, October 10, 2008

Panic Over for Retribution?

From Blizzcon '08 (transcription posted by Anauel on Elitist Jerks):

"Concern about ret pallies doing burst damage." Applause. "However with that said I've raided as a ret paladin. Are you guys going to tone down burst damage in PvP for ret paladins and keep good damage in raids? We've been waiting for a long time to become raid viable and don't want to loose that." GC: "Lots of bugs in beta that made [ret paladins] do more DPS... we don't think [current damage] is way off, honestly." GC: "Don't nerf me bro!" (Tons of laughter). Chilton: "We've tried to take it away from the uncontrollable proc damage...we want them to feel strong...we want to put a kill in the hands of a player [,not luck]."

So, sounds like everything may well be fine, at least until we get some proper Arena PvP at 80.

*fingers crossed*

Thanks for the link to Warcraft Radio's stream Chrom!


Chrom 11/10/2008, 22:59  

No Problem SZ,

WCradio has provided me with copious hours of warcraft content discussion and humor. Casually Hardcore Blue Plz and the WoW Insider Show are fantastic for getting up to speed info on whats going on in game. Sometimes they even talk about, GASP, Paladins! Anyways the small plug for these guys is the least i could do. hope your enjoying the coverage to Blizzcon as much as me!


Chrom 13/10/2008, 18:41  

Any thoughts on the paladin glyphs?
for DPS what looks good to you? I was thinking the Seal of command glyph, Hammer of justice, and crusader strike. adds to both our damage and conrol.

Suicidal Zebra 13/10/2008, 22:25  

Good question. I'm actually planning to write-up an analysis post about Glyphs for the Specs but Blizzard have been hinting that the Glyphs may well change quite a bit between now and Wrath Launch. At the very least we need to see more Minor Glyphs (there are only 6 Paladin ones so far, most of which aren't too useful).

I think that it generally depends on which of PvP/Grinding/PvE you're playing the most. In PvP the Glyphs you listed are probably the ones you will want to go for, for PvE (5-man, or raiding) it's a little more complicated because Incapacitates and Stuns are harder to apply.

In terms of minor glyphs the Glyph of Sense Undead is something of a no-brainer for Northrend PvE, the remainder are of mixed value.

For major Glyphs, 'of Avenging Wrath' is very good... a 3 sec cooldown HoW is awesome but it doesn't have a high up-time [not available till Northrend opens. 'Of Judgement' is something of a no-brainer, 10% more Judgement damage is as good a DPS boost as any of our glyphs in a raid environment. Your third Major Glyph will always be very situational and depends on the added utility you desire. Instant Cast Turn Evils, Longer Consecrations, Interrupt on Exorcism and Mana back from LoH are all strong contenders. If Exorcism is every able to work on all targets then I'd probably go for that one, otherwise the Longer Consecration probably represents a higher DPS increase.

Which reminds me, I've got to update my Glyph list. WoWHead has a much most complete and up-to-date list than the source I've been using.

Chrom 14/10/2008, 17:38  

Do we know how much damage Divine Storm is putting out? how is it scaling with AP? and i believe it is considered a spell so is it applied as holy damage bypassing armor?
Sorry for the flurry of questions recently, with this patch i am like a kid on christmas morning!

Suicidal Zebra 14/10/2008, 19:00  

I was having difficulty explaining it fully, so I'll nab Cathela's explanation from the EJ forum:

Damage appears to be based exclusively on weapon damage; no spellpower scaling. The healing effect can heal the paladin, and when soloing the full 20% healing effect will go to the paladin. It uses normalized attack power (i.e. assumes a weapon swing speed of 3.3 for 2-handers) and triggers all seals, including damaging seals. Healing is based on total damage done, not effective damage, so "overkill" damage counts fully. As of the current build, it can be used while silenced.

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