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Originally Posted by Redcape on the EJ Forums, Retribution Paladin thread:

I have discovered something quite humorous. When updating things in my spreadsheet I decided to go and calculate the value of Int. With 100 Int you get 14.6 mana / sec, which is worth about 90 dps if you are dumping that mana into consecrate.

The only other stats we have that produce that much damage per 100 points are Str and Hit. Every single other stat is worse for dps. So assuming you manage to need more mana, the best stats you can stack in order are:


Yes, Int is better than Expertise, Crit and Agility. If you already have enough mana to do a complete rotation anyway (which unless you are using exorcism or HW, you do) this doesn't really apply. There isn't a good way to use your excess mana if you are already Consecrating, but in a situation where you find you are mana shy, stacking Int is an excellent source of dps. If you need mana to fuel other abilities that are more efficient than consecrate Int is actually a better stat than hit, and by a substantial margin.

How amusing.

Be afraid Hunters, be very afraid.


Anonymous 27/10/2008, 18:07  

I completely agree, and this is why any PVP gear is a good source of dps increase instead of using some comparable PVE gear. Most Paladin Retribution gear will have a good amount of Int on it (varying from 20-30 on each piece of merciless gear). I'm using 3 pieces of PvP gear for PvE because of the mana regen it gives me, as well as the Pure stats (which increase dps substantially when Kings is used). I have a hard time running out of mana unless I build consecration into my rotation.

Dradis 27/10/2008, 18:19  

It might be a moot point depending on how this patch actually plays. No to stack in on gear that won't be used. I really hope I am wrong. Ret Paladin is too much fun, and I would have to shelve it.

Anonymous 27/10/2008, 19:12  

Ret is a whole lot of fun to play out. I agree wholeheartedly. Its entertaining to watch chain crits when your sitting there grinding, and I think it wont be as much fun to grind when you dont get to see those numbers anymore. I'll feel like I'm playing my rogue all over again, just the same damage over and over in a rotation. The burst on ret just makes the class interesting and unique to play. Taking that away will make us less likely to continue to play imho. Its good in a PvE Raid situation, but PvP and PvE grinding will be lackluster.

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