Friday, October 17, 2008

Build [9095]: A Small Taste of 3.0.3

Update: Rohan (Coriel on EJ) has tested a few of the talents and it appears that Art Of War has now been changed to increase damage by 4/8%, it simply isn't reflected in the tooltip. Righteous Vengeance now does nothing, likely in preparation for the new talent implementation in the next build.


WotLK Beta Build 9095 is in the process of being deployed to the Beta servers, with new changes which should provide a glimpse of further talent changes we should expect to see go Live before November the 14th. In the main they have been announced earlier or are Tooltip/bugfix changes. Here is the Paladin list datamined so far:


* Judgement of Light now grants attacks and spells made against the judged enemy a chance of healing the attacker. (Old - Didn't include spells)
* Judgement of Wisdom now unleashes the energy of a Seal spell to judge an enemy, giving each attack a chance to restore 2% of the attacker's maximum mana.


* Righteous Defense cooldown has been changed to 8 seconds. (Down from 10 seconds)
* Shield of Righteousness now has two ranks.
* ShoR (Rank 1) deals damage equal to your Block Value plus 300. Trainable at lvl75.
* ShoR (Rank 2) deals damage equal to Block Value plus 400. Trainable at lvl80.


* Infusion of Light now reduce the cast time of your next Flash of Light by 0.75/1.5 sec or Holy Light by 0.5/1 sec. (Old - Didn't affect Flash of Light)
* Judgements of the Pure now increases your casting and melee haste by 3/6/9/12/15% for 1 minute. (Up from 2/4/6/8/10%)
* Enlightened Judgements now increases the range of your Judgement spells by 15/30 yards. (Up from 10/20 yards)


* Hammer of the Righteous now causes 4 times your main hand damage per second. (Up from 3 times)
* Shield of the Templar now also reduces all damage taken by 1/2/3%.


* Sanctified Retribution now increase damage caused by targets affected by Retribution Aura by 3% [bringing this talent in line with the BM Hunter talent with which it shares a buff slot]


Remember, this is a patch to the Beta servers, not the live servers. The additional Ret changes from the previous post are not yet included, but given a typical 2 week turn-around time for changes announced on the forums to make it into the latest build I wouldn't be too concerned by this.

Of highest interest this patch are the changes to Prot, providing additional threat and mitigation in not unsubstantial amounts (3% mitigation is pretty big). The Holy changes are interesting, but we shall really have to wait and see just how they play out before making a judgement on them. It will be very interesting to see whether Judging can ever become a major part of the rotation; you're certainly penalised less in the new build, but we still need to find out if the high JoL/JoW proc rate is intended.

I'll try and keep this updated with any changes which can't be datamined and are only discovered through play-testing.


Dradis 18/10/2008, 03:22  

That looks like a lot of love. Maybe my faith in Blizz was not misplaced after all. Sanctified Retribution looks tasty!

Anonymous 18/10/2008, 15:29  

Hey now i see how all the enormous retri dmg redcutions are countered : by a +1% in dmg in a talent noone is going to spec. Thanks again Blizzard :). Let's follow beta patches shall we :
10% reduction from AW, removed Sanctity Aura, Veneance nerf and so on and on... "Paladins are getting the most changes in Wotlk", yes the most nerfs than any other class

Anonymous 18/10/2008, 15:32  

And for fuckers that are going to post after me and say "these changes aren't final", "those things aren't going to survive in live", NO THEY WILL! It happened in TBC it will happen again. GG for paladins

Dradis 20/10/2008, 06:06  

I was going to leave comment here, but it became a 1200 word rant. I put up my retort on my blog so I didn't crit you with a wall of text.

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