Monday, October 06, 2008

Pre-Wrath Preparation: See The World.

My worries over lag come the Live launch of Wrath have been allayed somewhat with the latest build, though I fancy that there are still a few niggles to be sorted before it's truly ready for prime-time. With the introduction of pre-made characters and a whole load of new keys being sent out the Europe Beta Servers seem to be getting busier by the day. In a effort to keep the game fresh when I buy the Expansion I'm going to stop questing for some time on the Beta servers now that I'm level 77. Instead I'm checking out those Achievements that I can reasonably complete within my stilted play-time, the first of which being the World Explorer Achievement.

World Explorer is possibly the easiest Achievement in the game that actually provides a meaningful reward. You'll have completed the vast majority of it already if you've been playing the game since Launch, and probably even if you haven't. However it can't be completed fully without the Expansion: you need that pesky Cold Weather Flying skill and an open Northrend before it's possible.

It has 4 parts: 'Explore Kalimdor', 'Explore Eastern Kingdoms', 'Explore Outland' and 'Explore Northrend'. You have to explore the whole map for each Zone so that every area is uncovered. You don't have to go to every point of interest though, only the ones which uncover part of the Zone map (which are conveniently listed as part of the achievement). The latter part also confers the rather swanky 'Tabard of the Explorer'. Obviously you can't complete that one until you get to lvl77 as many points of interest are well out of reach of a land mount.

So what do you get? Well, the afore-mentioned Tabard and a title, 'the Explorer'. Not bad given that you'll have most of it done through general questing. It's not Chef, but quite serviceable nonetheless. So, if you're keen on Tabards Titles or Achievements and fancy something to fill the idle hours between now and November, See The World!


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