Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nothing Much in Build [9061]

Just a few bugfixes and minor changes for classes in this build (gogo more threat for Hunter Pets). The Paladin changes outlined by Ghostcrawler yesterday aren't as yet included, but it is nice to see that the previous nerfs to Judgement of Wisdom and Light have been reversed. In fact, it looks like it may now be bugged in the other direction:

From the looks of things the internal cooldown has been totally removed in this build and we're now back to a 50% flat proc chance, maybe closer to 100%. Perhaps I should stay quiet though ;).

This feels like a last bug-fix push for 3.0.2. I guess we'll find out soon enough.


Anonymous 08/10/2008, 22:18  

You forgot about the 20% nerf to hunter pet AP.

Check the beta forums...

Suicidal Zebra 08/10/2008, 23:57  


This thread seems to disagree, and Mania from Petopia hasn't recorded any stats changes. Still, I hope a 20% nerf hasn't occurred, that'd be a pretty hefty nerf to Pet aggro.

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