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PvP is tough because if you visit every class forum, you'll find a long list of abilities that the class *must have* in order to be PvP competitive, followed by the statement of fact that this class is getting destroyed in PvP.

Now if you ignore the Retadins and Unholy DKs who are probably broken somehow, who is winning all of these fights that everyone is losing?

To use just one example from the list: Do warriors *need* Piercing Howl to be viable? I'm not sure. It's a pretty good ability considering how many enemies it can affect. It is available in a fairly early yalent, and even if you skip it, you have an alternative: Hamstring usually is the snare by which all others are compared.

In PvE we can do a lot of tests to try and figure out bugs and generate our own numbers. It's a lot harder for PvP because you just have to play a million bouts and compare to videos and antecdotal information people post online. We think we know what is going on, but it's hard to get a reaity check on it like we do with PvE. (Source)

This isn't the first time that GC has referred to Ret being 'broken'. "Echoes of Doom" takes on menacing overtones.

On a side note, if there's to be a new 3.0.2 PTR/Beta build before 3.0 goes live we can probably expect it later today.


Ryukyu 10/10/2008, 03:10  

Please don't nerf my Ret Pally GC! Its actually nice to have a fighting chance against a Rogue now. But I guess if it wasn't meant to be..... sigh

2ndNin 10/10/2008, 11:57  

TBH I am getting worried that its going to drop a nerf hammer, and its not needed. Ret is a bit low in PvE at the moment, and its burst potential in PvP is due to the 2H combat style.

Blizzard know this, they have always known this, and Ret paladins are not unkillable (just getting close to them, irrespective of armour makes you cry if you don't get away). I was playing a proper Ret Paladin (back in ye olde world with crit, str and agi when I was being told that SD was useful, we were always burst damage machines, and so many of the complaints are more about HoJ than us, and we wanted an interrupt not a 33% uptime cc.

Vaadren 11/10/2008, 00:06  

I'm not too worried about Ret. I like the way it looks and feels; the mechanics feel right, there's lots of customization on the spell rotation, and at lvl 80 there's no talent point wasted. It's pretty nice, and I'm quite sure it'll stay that way.

At this point I'm more concerned about Holy, which to my knowledge still hasn't been fixed. But with so little time left, I wonder if anything will be changed to it before the patch hits live.

Suicidal Zebra 11/10/2008, 00:42  

From the sounds of things Blizzard are thinking twice about bring the nerf bat down hard on Ret Paladin Burst, but it's already been pointed out to me that the statement has multiple interpretations. That was the impression I got listening to it live but I could be wrong.

As for Holy, I think I've posted numerous times about how unconvinced I've been over Bacon and the new Infusion (rather than the old inst-Holy Light Infusion). However those raiding as Holy in Naxx are finding Bacon extremely effective, at least in the 10-man version of the raid, and have been successful in the 25-man version too. A lot of this is down to improvements to Divine Plea, and just how easy Naxx-10 is, but I'm buoyed by the positive feedback I'm seeing.

I have a feeling that we're going to be casting a critical eye over Holy come 3.2 and 3.3 when raids get tougher and guilds have a better handle on raid-setups, but until then I don't have any issues with recommending a 53/0/18 build for 80 for those that want to heal as they will be viable in all the currently known content.

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