Friday, October 24, 2008

Europe Wrath Beta Ending?

Premade creation and character copies to the European Wrath of the Lich King Beta server have been down for the last week, not only stymieing my attempts to test out the missing 3% miss rates many Paladins are experiencing but also preventing a number of new EU Beta opt-ins from testing content.

Blizzard's presence on the EU Beta forums has always been low and it now seems to have dried up entirely, so attempting to get any answers from the horses mouth so to speak is impossible. With the servers now emptying as players move on to Live realms for Halloween and pre-Wrath World Events I have the feeling that the European Beta server will soon close up shop, probably in the next week or so and before the US Servers. With only one more build expected some time next week, featuring changes to Righteous Vengeance and the like, the value in keeping the realm open is pretty low.


Anonymous 24/10/2008, 18:08  

Just means we're all that much closer to live <3

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