Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One Week Left.

One Week Left...

One week to get your Amani War Bear...

One week to earn your Champion of the Naaru Title...

One week to attain Hand Of A'dal Status..

...and one week until you all complain that Ret Paladins are Overpowered.

Storms a coming.


Paolo 07/10/2008, 15:36  

...one week until addon update hell

Suicidal Zebra 07/10/2008, 15:45  

Heh, so true.

Anonymous 07/10/2008, 16:32  

Sorry, I heartily support OP ret pallies. :-)

After all, I hope to be one.

But alas, my time from the 14th to Wrath will be spent leveling 3 or 4 new pets to 70 on my hunter. Don't wanna hit Northrend with a lvl 65 gorilladin.

Anonymous 09/10/2008, 16:48  

Storms a coming...

True but

Storm smorm

True Mana Regen
1 min CC!
Set bonus that doesn't suck :)

Suicidal Zebra 09/10/2008, 22:10  

All very good points Sacramental. Divine Storm sticks out as the most flashy of our new abilities, not least of which because of the graphics, but as you rightly say it's the whole bundle of new abilities which make a big difference to Retribution in the Expansion.

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