Friday, October 10, 2008

My Secret Is Out.


It was my own fault. If I hadn't missed the train it never would have happened. I would have left myself plenty of time to get home, finish up and fix it so they would never have known. It was inevitable that they would find out eventually, but why did it have to be today, when everything was going so well?

I suppose that my first mistake was trying to clean them all with so little time to spare. But hey, I had plenty of time, or so I thought. The worst that could happen is one or two might going missing, but it'd surely be one of the useless ones. Wouldn't it?

It's not like it's such a big deal. So everything takes me a little longer, it's not like you need to be quick off the draw all the time, is it? I died a few times on Aran and Netherspite, show me someone who hasn't. I could learn to change any time I want, if I had to.

And my Arena partner... she told me that she was happy with at 1450, that we were 'just starting out'. She didn't need to go spamming it in General like that.

Let this be a lesson: "Don't clen your keybord just before rid."

My nme is Tim, 'nd I'm Keybord Turner.


Josh 10/10/2008, 16:36  

There there Tim, it'll be all right. You're on the road to recovery! The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

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