Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How To Wig Out Players #419

Post something like this on the Official Forums:


The build going live right now has a lot of class changes. But it doesn't have all of them. Some changes, particularly those that affect high level abilities and some of the changes we made more recently won't be in today's build. But you will get them all on or before Nov 13 when Lich King goes live.

While we have done some balance testing at level 70 with the changes, we tested at level 80 a lot more, since so many players are focused on Arena combat and endgame raiding. Balance at 70 is going to feel different from 80. :)

If you played WoW at the 2.0 version before Burning Crusade shipped, you'll remember that this can be a crazy time. You have new abilities through talents, but not new core abilities, and not enough talent points to get everything. There are major gear changes, major mechanic changes, and a lot of class changes. Some of those are going to take some getting used to, and despite our best efforts, it's entirely possible we'll find something broken that needs to be hotfixed right away.

The game should start feeling a little more normal again when Lich King ships. It's cool to keep providing feedback and testing things out. Just try and be a little patient and understanding over the next couple of weeks as players learn about the changes (especially players who weren't in the beta), get all of their broken mods working, and we make whatever fixes we need to make on our end.

Common Official Forum Interpretation: "OMG No 46 and 51pt Talents!!!".

Logical Interpretation: "The build being pushed to Live is an earlier build than is current on the PTR servers, so won't contain all the latest changes. You still get the updated talent trees, class mechanics etc. The forthcoming Patch 3.0.3 will have all the latest changes you've seen on the PTR, and a few more. Don't expect the game to be fully balanced for lvl70 play."

Actual Outcome: We'll find out soon.

EDIT: The peeps over at EJ and MMO-Champion log the patch as [9056]. This is in between the two patches which were deployed to the PTR last week, so it is certain that all but the very latest changes are on Live.

EDIT2: The Patch Notes you'll read with the download aren't correct. In fact, they are missing one heck of a lot of stuff. If you don't see it in the patch notes don't draw any premature conclusions.


Unknown 14/10/2008, 21:17  

So in other words, we are getting jacked up abilities and spells, all subject to nerf/buff, things will break, and we won't really know if our talents actually work or not until Nov 13.


I'm going to respec with a basic build, and go farm for gold and gear from the nerfed content. Not much reason to try to polish your spec, when they aren't giving us the latest build...

just lol,,,,

Suicidal Zebra 14/10/2008, 21:51  

That's not quite the case.

Basically, everything that was working on the PTR/Beta servers up until Tuesday of last week will work on Live, which I'm pretty sure was close to everything. Any changes which have gone in since then, or have been announced, aren't on Live, and won't be until 3.0.3, which will probably be in a couple of weeks once the Beta Test period finishes.

So, Spec how you want to spec and feel confident that everything works. Don't let some shoddy communication from Blizz force you into gimping yourself.

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