Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How's 3.0 For You?

So, some of you will have had an evening to test out the changes introduced in Patch 3.0.2. How has it been? What do you think of your class skills, achievements and overall play experience? With any luck the rest of the US and some of the EU will have had an opportunity by the end of today.

I think it's worth noting that no major patch has yet been released which didn't have a few bugs that needed to be cleared either through hotfixes or small patches. Also even though the PTR is down testing is still ongoing at 80, so it may well be that the abilities and strength you have now aren't totally representative of your skills and talents at 80. In addition, the latest Beta Build (9061) introduced a huge number of new bugs to skills which may or may not be reflected in the build on the Live servers. Early indications on EJ are that a number of our skills, including Seal of Command's Proc, have bizarre scaling coeff's which aren't reflected in the tooltip nor previous builds. If that's true it would be a shame, I'd like to see how well the classes balance at 70 with unbugged skills.

Have fun and keep on trucking.


Alex - aka Firelight 15/10/2008, 13:46  

I'm stuck at work - bored to tears!

Cant wait for 4:30pm to come so i can go home and get into the game!

Plus we're raiding tonight!! ^_^

Black Temple...with almost no addons...i'm hoping all the major addons i use are working...

Suicidal Zebra 15/10/2008, 14:09  

Check out the following link for Addon comptability:

In terms of aggro management you should also be able to use Blizzards aggro meter.

Anonymous 15/10/2008, 17:13  

Ret is Godly. That is all

Chrom 15/10/2008, 17:22  

Last night was interesting.
I raced home only to find that 95% of servers were off line. When i finally got on it was pure bliss. i went with a 0/5/56 build and i liked it alot. it made doing my dailies on the isle a snap. i was taking on 4-5 dawnblade at a time without hesitation. once vengeance got up it was not irregular to 2 or 3 shot mobs. this is a pretty good grinding build for sure. my ap was about 2.2k and my spellpower was just about 700. this makes your heals judgements and consecrate hit pretty hard.
I also did some BG's and had some fun with that. it was very easy to stay in the top 3 in damage just about every time. Clothies and leather wearers run the other way when they see you coming, and they should. Really the only classes that could hang with me were very well geared warriors (S3 or above) and mages.Most of the good warriors had pocket healers though. I had to do most of my own healing which contributed to my down time. the fact that we were Ice mages still have so many snares and ways to escape and kite you around it can be frustrating. One thing i did see was that two warriros with titans grip or dual pallies with divine storm or a combination of both could cause serious problems at a grave yard, even many respawns. the new talents are definitely bringing a great deal of fun to Paladin melee. i like the idea of dual Pallies in BG's cause your DS is taking turns healing both of you while at the same time Destroying everything around you.

I am interested in experimenting with the other talent trees eventually but for now Divine Storm is way too fun.
so i think right now i only have glyph of HOJ and seal of command. I am thinking about switching out for +10% judgement and or crusader strike. we will see. the FOL seems bad ass for Holy but with those instance cast FOLs i get from Art of War. but i think that talent is supposed to change? i may be wrong.

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