Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Season 4 Announced - Starts 24th June

We’re currently planning to end the third Arena season and begin Arena Season 4 on June 24, 2008. This exciting Arena season will introduce the Brutal Gladiator set, and will also allow players to purchase Arena Season 2 items using the honor system. Please note that we will be resetting all Arena team and personal ratings. Players will still retain their Arena points and teams with this reset. The team and personal rating will simply be reset to the default 1500, allowing all teams to once again compete for top honors with a fresh start.

Also, with the end of the third season, players on the top teams from each battlegroup will receive their end-of-season rewards. These include Arena-specific titles that they can display proudly until the end of the new season, and, for the best of the best, an Armored Nether Drake. Please also be aware that with the end of the current season, all previous end-of-season titles will be removed.

Woot? Bleh, I think not. I've said it before and I'll say it again, a new Arena Season isn't 'New Content', and getting smashed by 4/5 Veng. at 1500 to start the season and 4/5 Brutal at the end doesn't hold much temptation for me. The lack of a 2.4.3 PTR indicates that there are no class changes on the way and so Paladin success in the Season (as in how high a rating they achieve) in <5v5 will be a function more of how long the Season lasts than class viability.

It's great news for the hardcore PvPers who were no doubt getting bored with eternally boosting their guildies to 1850, but with no changes to the classes between the end of S3 and beginning of S4 in what way can winning trends possibly change? Perhaps they'll decide to keep the Season rolling for 3.0.0... now that would put the cat amongst the pigeons.


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