Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Day, Another Rune.

Checking the websites, checking the website... ahah.

Not a lot of difference between this and ice1.jpg, the sharp-eyed will spot another enclosed runic symbol to the right-of-centre. Critically, this looks really effing like the 'Hel' rune from D2x:

I mean, close enough that I reckon it is a Hel Rune. So, the plot thickens.

Oh, and as for the Diablofans.com theory, the 'hidden' image posted is http://us.media.blizzard.com/232309/_images/15.jpg, so not a confirmation, but not really evidence against either as it follows the predicted numbers, just out of order.


Thanks to Anonymous in the comments. Apparently there are hidden words in the CSS too. Yesterday's was 'Tundra', today's is 'Cavern'. Both feature in Act 5 of the Diablo expansion. If you want to check it out for yourself, take a look at Blizz's master.css script.


Worldofwar.net have a very nice side-by-side shot comparing the 'Hel' rune found on the image to D2x's Hel Rune. Check it out here.

(as an aside, thank god I only have a small blog. Worldofwar.net are much larger, and they're starting to creak a little under the strain.)


Wowinsider has a great run-down on the story so far. In the comments 'Mike' speculates, and I think this guys take on the probably orientation of the 'hidden images' (04.jpg, 09.jpg etc) is well worth looking at.


There is a rumour circulating that the 'hidden' pic is fanart (I've mooted the point myself elsewhere). If anyone has an archive of blizzard fanart on their PC, they may want to check their files for something which matches it. One possible title for it is Knightmare... but that is most definitely unconfirmed at this time.


Anonymous 24/06/2008, 08:51  

Are you reading my mind here? I just wrote down the same things on a WoW community ;)

The first rune does look more like a Shael rune than some Frostmourne inscription.

Anonymous 24/06/2008, 09:09  


Words: Tundra, Cavern

So far of what I call the "jigsaw" puzzle.

Ronald 24/06/2008, 09:36  

Hello. After seeing Anonymous's link and your edit, I noticed something. I 've inspected the picture yesterday and tonight after they added the 2nd rune. And it was strange when I found this:


I'm sure I'm being Captain Obvious about this. I'm sure others have seen it and posted about it. But some people are bound to miss it.

Suicidal Zebra 24/06/2008, 09:44  

Interesting find Ronald. Again it looks familiar but I'm not sure what it could allude to. Indeed, I may well be missing the obvious myself :)

Trey 24/06/2008, 11:49  

I noticed that under the first Rune, there is a lit up part of the ice that looks like a snake-ish sort of thing. Looking like a snake can also go with anonymous's link, because that also looks like a snake-ish creature.

I'm guessing that a new game (AKA Diablo III) will be announced at WWI, and soon after that, Blizzard will update the splashes, giving news about WWI, but the main attraction being the announcement of Diablo III.

But I'm only guessing.

Suicidal Zebra 24/06/2008, 12:13  

You may be right Trey, only time will tell. My gut instinct is that most of what we see in the image is incidental, like seeing recognisable shapes in a cloud. Other bits look almost like stone-age wall etchings, but of creatures we don't recognise.

As a real out-there theory, if the game is Diablo 3 (or World of Diablo etc.) then perhaps a re-set button has been push in that universe due to the destruction of the Worldstone. There's been an Ice-age with humans being reduced to pre-history levels of civilisation (hence carvings), and D3 will chronicle Humanity peering into the sky once more. Where the Runes come into it is anyone's guess, but I'm sure that Blizz will think of something.

Anonymous 24/06/2008, 13:22  

As far as I know, the borders between heaven and hell has been broken when the worldstone was destroyed.

Tyrael took the risk, to eliminate the 3 prime evils for good.

But as we all know, those bastards are kind of persistant ;)

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