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Blizzard Teaser Day 4: Guess That Rune.

Another day, another Teaser Image. This time, 'tis Ice4.jpg

With the following Rune:

Well, that's different. It looks like 3 celestial bodies orbiting a central mass, but I don't recall any francises' universe with either a 3-planet solar system or 3-moon planetary system. It may be a reference to the three Blizzard Franchises. If anyone has any tips, can they please let me know. Also, Anonymous in comments linked to this image, based on ice3.jpg, theorising a pentagram arrangement for the Runes. I'm somewhat skeptical of these theories, but it's interesting to note that the Rune in ice4.jpg is in the 'right' place to reinforce the imagery.

ADDED2: Elementhos in comments has said that the rune formation looks like the arrangement of major celestial bodies above an Arcane Sanctum, a Warcraft 3 building and WoW architectural feature. From Wowwiki:

Good call that man. You can also check these out in WoW by looking at the Blood Elf 'Sanctum of the Sun' in the Ghostlands.

The Word of the Day, from the master.css file, is 'cold'. Heh, no ****, I could have told them that ;). The 'Hidden' image is 16.jpg, which may (or may not) correspond to the letter 'P', giving us D. O. W. and P. Honestly, right now, I'm stumped, though I'm ruling out 'Do-wop: World of Rhythm&Blues-Craft'.

I think we can all guess which 'tile' of the final image will be up last ;). It's galling because this looks so damn familiar, but it tallies with nothing I can remember from any of the three franchises.


It's come to my attention that the numbers we have so far are 4, 15, 16 and 23. Fans of Lost may well recognise these are 4 of the 6 'Numbers', leaving potentially 8 and 42 to find.

EDIT3: More Fun Speculation, again posted on MMO-champion, attributed to a guy called Zaxinal.

[added: LOL, I just pwned myself. The theory is nice, but trash, Tuesday's word was 'Cavern', not 'Glacier', so disregard. We can still spell out TYRA_L if we correctly use 'Cavern' rather than 'Glacier', and have 'I', 'O' and 'N' left over, but seeing as T,R,A and L are common letters it's much less compelling. This theory has legs, but 'IS LOST' isn't the answer we will be searching for. That'll teach me for not double-checking theories that have been posted.]

Zaxinal: This is probably just a coincidence, but i'll throw another theory into the mix.
Using the image numbers as sperate digits, and applying them to their corresponding css class names to get the letters, using 0 as the first letter in each word you can get 2 letters per day.

Tundra - 04: T, R
Glacier - 15: L, E
Icy - 23: Y, I
Cold - 16: O, L

Knowing that there will be 4 more letters, you can create TYR_EL I_ LO__

With the The Valenzetti Equation from Lost being 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 which so far fits the numbers we have, the final result can probably be guessed to be

[Wrong. Is it now TYRA_L IN _O__? Or Perhaps it will be TYRAEL IS GONE as flowz0r in comments suggested. We'll find out tomorrow.]


Here's a fun piece of speculation posted over at MMO-champion linking the ice4 image to the Diablo2 box art.


Anonymous 26/06/2008, 08:34  

soo, Blizzard has 3 worlds they've created.
Well the 4th rune has what looks to be 3 worlds orbiting something greater of mass.
I'm stumped, i don't know what it could be.
And the mash up picture is looking like a purple penguin

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 08:56  

Looks to me like an Arcane Sanctum from warcraft III

Suicidal Zebra 26/06/2008, 08:58  

Woah, good call Elementhos!

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 09:47  

TBH i think it has something to do with the earth. It seems like there is something at the center, and three "things" orbiting it.

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 10:11  

Does anyone realise that the only major theory that still holds up is that the runes are froming a pentagram? Diablo lore dictates that Demons can be summoned back from the void etc. Maybe Diablo or some other Demon is being summoned in the picture?

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 10:24  

And the mash up picture is a picture from Wotlk : its got the tail and everything... About the rune...I don't think the runes are symbolic of anything...They just are runes that show up somewhere...So my guess is go looking...

Suicidal Zebra 26/06/2008, 10:25  

True, but a (non-equilateral) pentagram can be made with any 5 point locations, so whilst they continue to add runes up-to the 5th you'll always get some sort of Pentagram apparently being formed. The killer will be the 6th day (Saturday) image - if another Rune is placed the same distance from the centre as the others then that dumps the Pentagram idea. If however a totally new image crops up in the middle, the centre of the pentagram, then that very much indicates Diablo 3.

The key day is definitely Saturday. I'd probably predict a D2x rune coming tomorrow, which thankfully should be easy to identify.

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 10:53  

Hey, I noticed the pentagram yesterday, and the 4th rune "spawned" at the right location.

Suicidal Zebra 26/06/2008, 10:59  

Hrm, that's a very interesting image... Mind if I chuck it up on the Blog proper?

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 11:22  

Sure go ahead

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 12:25  

The fourth rune could be alink to lost vikings:

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 12:36  

I'm not sure I buy the idea that it's some kind of planetary system we're seeing depicted in that rune; two of the 'planets' are on the same orbit, while the largest one is vacant.

For some reason, it kind of reminds me of the lines on the plains of Nagrand surrounding that giant crystal in the SW.

TYRAEL IS LOST is pretty damn compelling though.

Ooooh, what if TYRAEL is the heir to the Primevals?? Smashing the World Stone can't be good for one's personal juju.

Suicidal Zebra 26/06/2008, 12:50  

Aye, it would be pretty damn close to the patterns around Oshu'gun but for the bottom-right circle. It's definitely worth thinking about though.

Anonymous, do you have a source for that pic? I'm not familiar with the Lost Vikings series of games beyond them being a pre-Warcraft Blizz franchise.

Bildo 26/06/2008, 14:39  

Could I ask a favor, Suicidal Zebra?

Could you post the image via saving it to your PC?

I'm at work, and the image is broken due to our firewall not allowing the link.


Suicidal Zebra 26/06/2008, 14:46  

Which image is that Bildo?

Bildo 26/06/2008, 15:44  

Sorry, I'm late. :)

Meant the main ice4 image, but you got already I see. Thanks!

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 16:44  

I'm probably completely wrong but the new ruin makes me think of Oshu'gun and patterns in the ground around the Spirit Fields.

Unknown 26/06/2008, 17:11  

The letters from the numbers could essentially still form

"Tyrael is gone" instead of "in _o__"

It all depends on the numbers we get tomorrow.

I'm still not sure about the circle rune... There's clearly one center circle and three outer orbiting circles. The Arcane sanctum has more orbiting planets, and the oshu'gun crystal's circle formation doesn't fit the rune...

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 18:05  

What about the sigil on the waypoint locations in D2? Well, no, that seemed to be more of a cross-shaped icon, wasn't it?

That is going to bug me forever now. I keep going off on tangents like:

3 circles = 3 primevals


3 circles = Heaven, Earth, Hell?

I have no clue. GG Blizz.

Anonymous 26/06/2008, 20:09  

Woah... Zoom into the middle of the picture and i swear it looks like Diablo is breaking out of Ice.
His arms are still incased but it looks like he's trying to get out and roaring

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