Sunday, June 22, 2008

Physical Mage/Warlock Armor, I Can Has Physical Righteous Fury plz?

Currently on the 2.4.3 PTR Mage and Warlock Armours, i.e. Molten Armour, Ice Armour, Fel Armour etc., are Physical Buffs. Of course this means that they are not dispellable and potentially will have a significant impact in PvP (most especially on Enhancement Shaman if the hype is to be believed). I'm all for non-dispellable permanent self-buffs so long as they don't break the game; Warriors have them (Stances), Paladins have them (Aura's... soooo weak :( ) and DK's will probably have them too (Presences). Also any change which brings more spells and more variation to the Arena is no bad thing IMO.

With this in mind, I'd like Righteous Fury to become undispellable too. The upshot would be two-fold: in PvE it partially mitigates a glaring weakness in Paladin tanking - the vulnerability to Dispell mechanics (though Holy Shield is still an issue), and in PvP it gives us a passive and always on 6% DR if you take the Imp. RF Talent (arguably less powerful that the talented Mage and Warlock armours in PvP). It's a minor bone to throw after having changed Mages and Locks, but one which IMO would be welcomed by the Paladin community.


Shwitz44 23/06/2008, 15:38  

I would *love* if RF became an undispellable toggle on/off instead of a 30 min duration dispellable buff.

But, the bastages probably won't do it since we all ready have undispellable Auras.

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