Friday, June 27, 2008

Blizzard Worldwide Invitational: A Word to the Wise

Okay, the WWI opening ceremony is due up tomorrow at 11:30am Central European Time. Unfortunately I can't get the video stream to work on this PC so I'm likely to be pretty late on news and the like. If there is a new Splash image for tomorrow (ice6.jpg?) I'll get a blog post up about it, but here are a few sites to keep an eye on tomorrow for all the breaking news:

MMO-Champion or
Wow Insider
Xfire's Live Blog

Also I know that Tobold is going to be there, as are a number of other bloggers. If you know of any other good sites/blogs to check for information as it happens tomorrow, perhaps you could add it in the comments? Especially if the site is not one of the big players, who's servers may struggle for most of the weekend. If I like the cut of their jib I'll add them to this post.

Alternatively check out the Stream for yourself at Blizzards WWI08 site. Get on there early though and if you can download the plug-in this evening because the load is likely to be very high.


Anonymous 28/06/2008, 08:10

Latest splash screen. Fun fact, look at the hel rune...isn't that a bomb next to it? There is also some weird things next to 3 other runes.

New rune of today, is a wink smiley.

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