Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thursday Thoughts

  • Well, as I mentioned Yesterday Season 4 is soon to start. Which got me pondering... are Blizzard going to continue S4 through into 3.0.0 (the pre-WotLK Patch featuring the new talent trees), because if they do that very much sets the cat amongst the pigeons. The final positions of that season would be pretty interesting. Alternatively a 'just for fun' season without rewards may be a good idea come 3.0.0, just so we, and Blizzard, can get a handle on the power of the new talents in a PvP format.

  • Alex over at Retribution just got a Cataclysms Edge, a pretty big upgrade from his Stormherald. Grats mate :D

  • Nasty scare today as my PC almost didn't start. I had some issues a few months ago where it wouldn't start, which caused me to chuck out one of the memory sticks. Thoughts of having to chuck out the second one had me in a cold sweat, especially as I don't exactly have many funds to spare. Fingers crossed, this was just a one-time glitch.

  • There's a phenomena in Death Valley of rocks sliding along the salt lake floor. There are many possibly explanations for this, from 'freezing and thawing' cycles to youngsters going out in the middle of the night to move them. Phooey says I, they're clearing running away from the sky.

  • My tip for the Euro 2008, Croatia, beat the Austrians on the opening day and are playing Germany right now. Go Croatia - Daddy needs a new pairs of shoes! Also the Dutch beat Italy on Monday 3-0... I laughed :D

  • I really should get around to dumping my 10-yr old Magic: The Gathering cards...

  • God really does have a sense of humour

  • An image of the Carina Nebula, viewed by the Hubble Space Telescope

    And as I type this, the Croatian's just scored.


    Alex - aka Firelight 17/06/2008, 16:46  

    Thanks for the Grats mate!!!

    Well chuft!!! :D

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