Friday, September 11, 2009

Yay, 3.2.2 Bug Fixes!

The Test Realm Patch notes have been updated to include a couple of crucial bug fixes for Paladins.

  • Seal of Corruption and Seal of Vengeance: These seals will now only use the debuff stacks generated by the attacking paladin to determine the damage done by the seal and by the judgement.

  • Seal of Vengeance is currently quite a bit buggy. Individual debuff stacks are accumulated for each SoV user, but size of the damaging proc isn't determined properly. When there is only 1 stack on the target the damage of the weapon proc is scaled by the size of this stack, which can cause some rather interesting effects with Divine Storm when you have a Prot and Ret Paladin in the same raid. Great huh?

    Well, not so great. You see, the flip side to this bug is that when there are two or more debuff stacks on a particular mob the size of the proc is determined by the smallest stack size. This isn't so bad for the Ret Paladin as long as he is the only Ret Paladin in the raid as he's always the slowest at accumulating stacks anyway, but it can serve to throttle the threat generation of any Tankadins in the raid.

    So, rejoice! A useful bug fix. But wait, there's more!

  • Paladin Tier-9 DPS 2-Piece Set Bonus: Now grants the correct chance for Righteous Vengeance ticks to be critical strikes.

  • Not many people have two pieces of Tier 9 as yet, but those cool dudes at Elitist Jerks discovered that the 2-Piece Tier 9 wasn't working properly. Here's that bonus:

    2: Your Righteous Vengeance talent now has a chance for its' damage to be critical strikes.

    After a number of exhaustive tests on target dummies and raids it was determined that the current chance for your RV dot to crit is 3-4% with this bonus. Clearly, this is blinking low, and makes 4* Tier 8.5 a little better than 2*ilvl 232 Tier 9. It's presumed that the 'correct' crit rate is your melee crit rate, which should be upwards of 40% raid-buffed. Even if, for some idiotic reason, spell crit rate was used the crit rate for the DoT would only be ~5% less. With a crit rate in this ballpark Tier 9 2-piece is a must have.

    This may also impact on the optimum FCFS rotation. Currently Crusader Strike takes priority over Judgement, especially if you have the Tier 8 four-piece bonus. The two abilities have always been nip and tuck though especially in the age of Tier 7, and as gear level increases so Judgement has closed the gap. Because Tier 9's set bonii tends to benefit Judgement more than CS, prioritising the former over the latter may result in a higher DPS. This is especially the case in encounters which involve a lot of target switching.

    Eeek, I may have to update that chart soon.

    Two Piece Tier 9 also increases the relative value of Crit Rating. You won't be stacking it in favour of Str, Hit or Expertise, but you may want to consider a +10 Str/+10 Crit orange gem if it grants you a socket bonus of more than +4 Strength.


    There is one slight disappointment, but it still counts as a bug-fix (or exploit fix) I guess.

  • Libram of Obstruction: The buff to block value from this relic is now exclusive with the buff to block value from Libram of the Sacred Shield; it is impossible to have both buffs at once.
  • Libram of the Sacred Shield: The block value buff from this relic has been increased to match its item level.
  • Relics: All buffs provided by relics (idols, librams, totems and sigils) now share an exclusive category such that gaining a buff from one of these items will remove all other buffs gained from items in this category.

  • No more hot-swapping Librams for damage or mitigation any more, not that it was ever a huge issue on the damage front because it also reset your swing timer and activated a GCD.


    No-one knows when 3.2.2 is due. The more cynical amongst us may be of the opinion that they're using it to bridge the gap to Icecrown Citadel (otherwise known as 3.3), and a delay in the Dev cycle for 3.3 will tempt Blizz into releasing 3.2.2 later. On the other hand, this is the first major patch since 3.2 and so warrants sorting out all the bugs and exploits that patch created as well as the additional content. Whatever the reason may be we shouldn't expect 3.2.2 next week, and it may well be October before it hits live.


    Karl 11/09/2009, 16:10  

    Nothing really earth-shaking in 3.2.2. Tanks and Rets have a few nerfs, but nothing that should really hurt us, and we get a few bug fixes. Only pallys that will be hurting with be the holy-prot pvpers.

    My protadin is certainly in much better shape than my hunter. With the recent BM nerf they claim is a buff, I've given up and am shelving him except for farming duties.

    Suicidal Zebra 11/09/2009, 16:25  

    I'll confess to being a little concerned by Hammer of Righteousness now being Physical Damage rather than Spell Damage, even if the ability will now have 'Causes Additional Threat' appended to it. Other than that I'd say you're right, so far we've escaped pretty lightly.

    Anonymous 11/09/2009, 18:22  

    @ Karl, prot pallies are getting hit with a big nerf to threat, not just a small one. HotR will now only be physical damage, not holy, 80% threat from holy damage from 90, and touched by the light will be giving less spell power altogether. These are 3 big areas of concern for prot pallies.

    Suicidal Zebra 11/09/2009, 18:24  

    Well, all is not lost:

    Having said all that, we don't have a lot of confidence that this change [HotR to physical] will actually go live, so I wouldn't freak out just yet. - GC

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