Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Koralon The Loot Piñata

So, Season 7 has just started on Live Realms and with that we get obligatory New PvE Content in the form of the third Vault of Archavon boss, Koralon the Flame Watcher.

Now, I hope I won't be insulting anyone when I say... my word this guy's easy to kill. I mean, seriously easy. Order of Sarth 1D easy.

The encounter is essentially a gear check. There is some of the usual 'Don't Stand in the Fire' environmental effects and tank positioning is pretty key so melee can spot the fire, but apart from that it's a DPS race. Koralon has a stacking buff which increases his damage by 5% that he casts every 20 secs or there abouts, and obviously he'll eventually one-shot the tanks. The better geared your two tanks are the more time your DPS will have to take him down, but you definitely want decent DPS. No-one with the De-Raged Waraxe need apply.

Healers will have to be on their toes, and you may want err on the side of bringing along one too many rather than one too few. Three healers will probably be the norm in the 10-man version, 2-healer setups will be tough to pull off because of all the raid damage flying around. Obviously, Fire Resist Aura or Totem will greatly improve your chances as it mitigates a big hefty wodge of that fire damage.

As usual, Bloodlust is a premium ability, especially in the 10-man version.

Koralon will drop Tier 9 in 10-man versions and 9.5 in 25-man versions. I suppose that Relentless Gladiator gear will only drop in the latter and Furious (thanks for the correction chronic) will drop from the former.

Mad props to those guilds able to achieve Earth, Wind and Fire. Killing all three within one minute is awesome, probably another one of those 'impossible' achievements that we all hear so much about.


chronic 03/09/2009, 05:26  

Relentless in 25 and Furious in 10, if they follow their normal "25 = current season, 10 = previous season" model.

Firespirit 03/09/2009, 16:29  

I went in with a terribad pug. We spent an hour and a half just downing him and Emalon.

Koralon is easy - other than he hits pretty hard. Its one of those cases, if you don't have the gear, don't even try it.

What's my main Again? 03/09/2009, 18:01  

Yeah... we just had our tank solo tank him the whole fight. Was really easy and even the raid damage isn't bad as long as people move out of the fire. I guess you are supposed to have 2 tanks for the meteor fist thing? Idk but all I did was step up heals during that part.

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