Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Pink Elekk Quest in EU Realms.

Ah, that explains things. A sharp-eyed player on the EU forums was wondering why the Pink Elekks on Parade and Wolpertinger quests, specifically stated by Kisirani to be back in this year, weren't available. One member stated that they were specifically bugged in the EU, and Wyxian replied:

This is unfortunately not correct. The Pink Elekk and Wolpertinger quests are deliberately not available in Europe. Though we would like to have them available here too, this isn't possible I'm afraid.


No doubt due to the objections of a particular state within the EU. So, quite apart from anything else EU players are down 40 Tokens (the usual reward for the Pink Elekks quest). I'm guessing that PEoP isn't a daily otherwise it equate to 40 tokens per day.

So, that should explain the disparities on US and EU Token totals.


Morrighan 22/09/2009, 12:43  

Sometimes, just sometimes, it sucks to be on the EU servers.

Not only are we down 40 tokens for the Elekk quest, but we have to spend 100 tokens to get the Elekk (I'm assuming its a quest reward in the US)!

Plus my server was down all last night, meaning I missed out on the Iron Dwarf attack tokens.

Going to sob quietly in a corner with a mug of Thunder 45.

Argon 22/09/2009, 12:58  

Don't worry, you probably have to buy it with tokens on the US servers, too.

Vulpina 22/09/2009, 13:29  

You do, it's 100 tokens here too.

David 22/09/2009, 15:58  

ooo ooo which state? I am rather ignorant of EU politics.... ;)

Aïsha - Sporregar 23/09/2009, 07:20  

Well for one it will be a country and not a state :-)

Apparently it has something to do with the age restriction for games that show alcohol induced visions.

No idea which country is prohibiting it, but I think we should kick them out of the european union.

Suicidal Zebra 23/09/2009, 12:24  

State... Country... like it makes that much difference given the way the EU operates ;)

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