Saturday, September 05, 2009

About That Armour Pen Nerf...

Direct from the mouth of Ghostcrawler:

The nerf to armor pen in 3.2.2 is intentional. Compared to the recent buff where we increased the value of armor rating to 125%, this nerf would take it back down to 110%. While we are still evaluating the effects of this change in the 3.2.2 build, we did want to let you know of the possibility in case you were about to spend a lot on armor pen gems.

In fact, this was really the point. Several melee specs (and Marksman hunters) had begun to focus on armor pen at the expense of all other stats. Gear without armor pen was being passed over and gem sockets were increasingly being filled with just this one stat. While every spec has stats that are more valuable than others, this one felt like it was starting to trump everything. Not coincidentally, characters stacking lots of armor pen were starting to do more damage than their peers and more damage than we were comfortable with.

This change is largely for PvE reasons, though we won't cry at all if melee damage in PvP drops a little as a result.

We're letting you know now so that this doesn't feel like a stealth nerf, assuming it goes live. While you might disagree or be frustrated by the change (though I also suspect it won't come as a surprise to many players), we ask that you try and keep your response to something appropriate for these forums.

Great. Cool. Fantastic. This sort of stat stacking was always a risk given that the more you stacked APen the better the return was, coupled with some classes/specs still inflicting the majority of their damage as Physical. However, Armour Pen, previously tied for last place in Ret Melee stat priority at Tier8 gear levels (approaching the value of Crit Rating when you have oodles of it) is now back to being dead last. That makes thing very simple for us: generally avoid Armour Pen items unless they are an upgrade to the next gear Tier.

Just one thing though...

For Pete's Sake can you please stop putting it on all sorts of essential upgrades in Tier 8 and 9, upgrades that Blood/Unholy/Frost DK's, Warriors and Ret Paladins use. Stick it on Warrior and DK Tier sets, Blacksmithing crafted items, all that stuff. But stop using it on those shared items when for some (Warrior, Blood DK) it's a quality stat and others' it's dross.

This goes double for Weapons.

And triple for Ret Tier 9. Seriously, what idiot chose to stick Armour Penetration on our Tier 9 chest? Yes, it's still Best In Slot, but only Spellpower would make the use of item budget on this item more nonsensical for the spec.

And don't get any ideas from that for Tier 10.

Thank god this stupid stat is gone from items in Cataclysm.



Argon 05/09/2009, 18:05  

It is also kind of funny because for Ret gemming you are supposed to just stack strength no matter what (once you reach hit cap).

Klepsacovic 05/09/2009, 19:41  

While they're at it, could they ease up on the blue sockets in plate? I don't mind a few, but when every other piece has a blue socket, I feel like the socket bonus only exists to taunt us, as if to say "Do yo want me? I know you want me, but you don't want me enough to get me."

What's wrong with SP? If we had some on gear we could skip the ap->sp talent and use the points for more utility talents. That would be a huge buff! Okay sure, now I'm just trolling.

Anonymous 05/09/2009, 21:43  

Well, the MM hunters are hurt most of all, as the spec is a stepchild again, but SV is too twitch.

For my ret side, I'm looking to see what new pieces of gear rise to the top. It would really help if maxdps dropped ArP from their calculations...

Anonymous 15/09/2009, 17:47  

ROFL, yeah its whole lot of crap they made ulduar all ArP meaning that paladin began to get behind because only their auto-attacks benifit 100% from it and now they are removing it because everyone was stacking it too high. I want some of that gear revamp to remove all that armor pen it came with and give us more essential stats such as expertise,crit, even hit. Be prepare ret pallas to get completely redone for next x-pac looks like blizz doesn't like where the paladins are atm.

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