Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About that Pandaren Monk Mini-pet.

Updated 04/11/09

Looks like I was wrong. ;)


You must have seen the Pandaren Brewmaster Mini-pet by now. The model has been datamined in 3.2.2 and looks awesome. Don't take my word for it though:

So, where will you see this? Well, it won't be for the 5th Anniversary, we're getting the super-cute Onyxia Whelpling to commemorate that date. It's unlikely to be for the Brewfest either, the holiday is awash with pets, mounts and a title already. Plus the first load of Violet Protodrakes are due. But still, a Coren Direbrew uber-rare drop (al la the Scorchling) is not beyond the realms of possibility. However, I think there's a better bet.

The World of Warcraft Magazine.

Blizzard are very good at incentivising real world purchases with in-game rewards. Just look at the TCG, you can be sure that if the Brewmaster was a TCG reward Upper Deck would be proclaiming it from the tallest tower. The only upcoming event as yet not accounted for is the release of the first issue of WoW-The Magazine, also due some time around WoW's 5th anniversary, and the enthusiasm for it has been muted to say the least. This would be one way to get the manic collectors salivating.

So, a cool mini-pet for the $39.95 1 year subscription. Tempted?


Ninjasuperspy 15/09/2009, 04:43  

Either that or the CE pet for cataclysm. Little early for Cata, so I like your theory.

Piper 15/09/2009, 05:33  

Or the relaunch of WoW in China....

Green Armadillo 15/09/2009, 15:16  

I'm pretty sure the Chinese relaunch is getting some sort of jade or onyx tiger. Cata CE is also a possibility, there's also a mini-Lich pet so you could imagine a repeat of the original WoW CE with multiple choices.

The magazine is a good catch. They have to figure that 99% of the useful inforamtion in the issue will be online in a matter or minutes, so they're going to have to offer bribes if they want people to pay for it. Personally, though, I'm not sure a minipet would be enough - that $40 is almost 3 months' subscription I could have on top of whatever other game I'm playing instead of getting a magazine about WoW while it's on the back burner for me.

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