Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grind Every Day for the Brewfest Achievement?

You need 550 Brewfest Tokens to complete the achievement, i.e. 200 for entry into the Brew of the Month and 350 for the three pieces of dress.

Day One, you can comfortably gain 85 Tokens.

Every day thereafter you can gain 25 tokens from the two dailies around the Brewfest camp.

At odd intervals (but at least once every day) you can do the Brewfest Keg Delivery for 2 tokens every turn-in. 7-8 Turn-ins are comfortably attainable, 11-12 is probably the Horde maximum (Alliance may be able to squeeze out a couple more due to a shorter path). Assume an additional 15 tokens per day on average.

Brewfest is 14 days long.

Approx. number of days required after the first = (550-85)/40 = 12 Days.

So, miss 3 days and you'll have great difficulty completing the achievement. Am I missing something?

(This is presupposing that the Costume Purchase refund is fixed, otherwise you only need 350 tokens.)


Klepsacovic 20/09/2009, 20:35  

Or, gain an (unfair?) advantage by already being in the club, use the spare tokens to buy a pet, and have 100 to spare and take an extra day off or slack on the brew runs.

The runs are supposed to have a 12 or 16 hour reset, so twice a day if you happen to be able to log in at say 8 and 8 or whatever. That would significantly reduce the needed days.

Adeani 20/09/2009, 20:58  

You can return the vestment parts to the vendor for a token refund after you used them to complete that achievement. And then from the refunded tokens buy the club membership form.

Suicidal Zebra 20/09/2009, 22:19  

I think it's perhaps a little bit much to expect a player to be able to set aside morning and afternoon sessions within even a limited timeframe to complete an achievement.

@ Adeani

Yep, I alluded to that. However it was labeled as an exploit during Midsummer and could be hotfixed at any time.

Green Armadillo 21/09/2009, 13:26  

I'm not sure where you heard that returning the outfit is an exploit- here's a blue post from the world event dev saying that she believes the refund will be live for Brewfest.

You are missing some sort of a one-and-done turnin (perhaps the 40 for killing Direbrew or one of the other quests?), I got 110 tokens on day one (which I used to buy the pet, since I had the club membership and the entire outfit banked from last year). On the Alliance side, I easily ran over 10 turnins, 12-14 on a good run last year, and the apples are actually a bit friendlier this year. You will get better at the route if you do it every day, and upping your average even to 20 makes a huge difference in the required time.

And yes, having it set up in a way that rewards players having to log in twice a day to make up the lost ground is one of my less-favorite aspects of the holiday. If it were up to me, I would make the thing a daily quest (i.e. the buff is the quest reward) and up the tickets to three per keg.

Refractor 21/09/2009, 14:10  

And this is why, personally, I don't even bother with "world events" (and have not for 3 1/2 years of WoW). To each their own.

firespirit 21/09/2009, 16:43  

Doing everything on day 1 I got 147 tokens. That is EVERYTHGING that I could have done - the quests, the beer keg run, everything.

And you are just about spot on for the keg run - 11-12 is about the max for the average player. I ran full steam and was able to get a route that was nice and efficient, and I managed 13. Not sure if I could scrape much more than what I got out of that.

And I am hoping the clothes are refundable. Otherwise, it is going to be a pain in the neck to get this title. And I seriously don''t want this to be a pain in the neck. Some of us are so close to the purple drake its not funny.

I have to do brewfest and winters veil, and that baby will be mine :)

Anonymous 23/09/2009, 06:46  

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