Friday, September 25, 2009

All Powerful She May Be, But Her Spelling Sucks

"Remeber, Remeber how to spell 'Remember'"

I'll let her off with her spelling of Reveler, she may be British ;).


Ferarro 25/09/2009, 14:31  

*chuckles* Na-hice.

Klepsacovic 25/09/2009, 15:44  

That's just her dragon accent.

Smashie 25/09/2009, 17:56  

lol! So much for spell checking...

Will Armstrong 26/09/2009, 20:47  

Blizzard would probably be more shocked that someone actually bothered to read quest text than by their spellchecker missing something. Afrasiabi's article with Gamaustra this week ( basically laid it all out on the line; "Nobody cares. Nobody's going to read it."

It's nice that he automatically assumes no one bothers to read the Lore. While we're dismissing things that a large majority of players ignore, let's get rid of arenas too. I know I'm willing to give up quest text if it means the knee-jerk nerfs brought about by glorified dueling go away.

And while I'm glad Afrasiabi and Blizzard have finally grasped the old cinema concept of "Show, don't tell", I eagerly await the realization that games are not movies, and hope they will eventual embrace the much more effective "Do, don't show." Otherwise, storytelling in WoW will decend to the level of Final Fantasy; 6 hours of gameplay, 100 hours of FMV.

With this dismissal of quest text, and Blizzard's clear attempts to integrate a Questhelper-like system into the game, eventually questing in WoW will just turn into a very large, tedious game of connect-the-dots. Click Dot A, go to Dot B, Return to Dot A, go to Dot C.

At least with Cataclysm, there will be something interesting to look at.

Alex - aka Firelight 26/09/2009, 23:42  

Grats on the mount man!! :D

Lance 28/09/2009, 09:55  

Lol, cool. Alex needs a spellchecker... or the almighty Krasus should edit her mail...

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