Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3.2.2 Seal of Command Notes.

Just a few things to mention:

  • Seal of Command should now be used in favour of Seal of Righteousness in virtually every (PvE) circumstance. You should only be using SoR in AoE situations anyway, but in these circumstances SoC should now be able to pull out a meaningful DPS lead,
  • Seal of Command's cleave effect range seems to be roughly melee range, i.e. ~5 yards,
  • One target cannot be hit with multiple SoC cleave effects from the same source,
  • As indicated, Seal of Command's cleave won't work with Divine Storm or Hammer of the Righteous, but the basic SoC proc continues to work with these skills
  • Seal of Commands' Cleave will break Crowd Control,
  • The Cleave effect counts as an AoE attack, and AoE-damage reducing effects will affect this proc (e.g Factions Champions in TotC),
  • Seal of Command should henceforth be known as "Seal of Cleave"

  • ADDED:

  • SoC Cleave procs will chain to nearby attackable neutral NPC's, so be cautious

  • Taking the talent is a tough call, the trade-off largely depends on your raid make-up. If present in Moonkin heavy raids should drop points from Swift Retribution, Warrior/druid heavy ones will look to Vindication, Paladin heavy ones probably won't be picking up Imp Blessing of Wisdom. SoC's probably worth it, but will stimulate many a lively discussion.

    Have fun with it :).

    ADDED: It strikes me that I haven't really distinguished between PvP abnd PvE. Personally, I think that the relatively weak Judgement damage of SoC continues to push SoR as the superior skill. Breaking CC certainly doesn't help either.


    Will Armstrong 24/09/2009, 00:39  

    You bold-faced the exact circumstances that determine whether I consider Seal of Cleave worth taking; whether it breaks CC or not. Useful on AOE trash, pointless on pretty much everything else...

    One minor bone to pick; if the ability is treated as an AoE, and "all AoE-damage reducing effects will affect this proc", why is it affecting CC?

    I was under the impression that Blizzard went back and changed all AoE abilities so they would no longer break CC. Perhaps I am mistaken?

    Suicidal Zebra 24/09/2009, 11:52  

    Sorry, I probably should have been a little more clear.

    For the purpose of damage reduction effects SoCs Cleave is treated as an AoE attack. This means that encounters such as the Faction Champions will reduce the damage of the Cleave by a % (IIRC it's 75%), and it will be affected by the various Player Pet Skills/Talents which reduce the damage AoE attacks do to them.

    As far as I know only 'some' AoE attacks don't break CC. For whatever reason SoCs Cleave is in the bin that does break CC. It may be that if there are more than 2 secondary targets the cleave will attempt to chain to non-CC'd secondary targets. I'll test that later.

    Adrian 24/09/2009, 21:39  

    I am pretty sure that Divine Storm can trigger the cleave effect, but you will rarely see this since the seal can't proc multiple times on the same target at the same time. In a pack with 4 mobs or less (which is many of them) you will only see the 4 seal procs, but try using Command on the whelps in the new Onyxia. I saw something like 15 Seal procs simultaneously on one of my Divine Storms. It brought a tear to my eye.

    Suicidal Zebra 25/09/2009, 00:30  

    Divine Storm is something I'm going to check tomorrow against a pack of Converted Heroes. It was difficult for me to tell with the Whelps last night simply because between CS, Cons., Auto and DS I had so many damage pop-ups triggered it was impossible for me to separate it all out.

    Adrian 25/09/2009, 07:23  

    It's possible that I was seeing procs from multiple things, but I definitely saw 9 at the very least that my MSBT throttled into one little scroll. Maybe it was just a weird fluke.

    Suicidal Zebra 25/09/2009, 13:51  

    Okay, I've tried it out on a pack of 7 Converted Heroes. Each individual Divine Storm does proc a Seal of Command, but does not proc a SoC Cleave (as we should expect). I'm not sure exactly where your 9 procs came from Adrian but I don't think it was DS.

    It's worth noting that the normal SoC Proc and Cleave effect are both called 'Seal of Command' in the Combat Log.

    A simultaneous CS and Auto-attack will proc 6 up to six SoC procs (1 from Auto, one from CS and 2 cleaves from each attack) so 10 'SoC procs' could easily occur within the space of 1.5 secs, or less with Combat Log lag.

    Adrian 25/09/2009, 23:16  

    Yeah, probably was CS, white hit during the GCD, and then DS and MSBT just folded them all together. I also took another look at other sources, which reported that the seal will single-proc on DS, and cleave on white hits and CS.

    My bad then, glad its cleared up though :D

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