Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Task for the Weekend Yr 2: Find Blizzcon Information.

Well, the year's come around again and Blizzcon is about to start. Last year I was wondering where I was going to get the tasty, tasty information as and when it occurred, and to a certain extent struck gold with Chrom's suggestion of Warcraft Radio for streaming and catch-up. Hopefully they'll be operating a similar service again.

This year my brother and his GF have invested in the live stream (dey love dem murlocs) so I'll be popping 'round theirs' for an evening of food, films and announcements as they happen. However much of the meatiest stuff will be going on in the wee hours UK time, so yet again I'm looking for links to chats, live-blogging and twitter feeds of the event. No web address is to long, nor bandwidth requirement too wide. My purse can definitely be too small though... I'm a cheap git who needs his money ;).

I'll throw any and all suggestions up in this post, so if you want to publicize what you're doing for Blizzcon that's fine too.

If I can get my head round Twitter I may throw up a few 'tweets', live as it were. Don't get your hopes up though, it's still the work of the devil.


Will Armstrong 22/08/2009, 19:49  

Shocking how little Paladin info is being handed out. It's almost like they asked everyone what class they played, and then barred Pallies from attending any Q&A panels.

So far, only heard a few people ask questions, and the answers weren't even worth reporting.

Suicidal Zebra 23/08/2009, 18:35  

Indeed. I'll throw up a summary post in a little while, but I think it can be summed up by:

1) Tauren Paladins
2) Holy Plate is here to stay
3) No Worgen or Goblin Paladins
4) Talent adjustments to improve the value of haste
5) All other itemisation changes will apply.

I'm not terribly disappointed as it seemed that itemisation, Hunters/Warlocks, and general class changes were the most important features on the cards for discussion. Still, it would have been nice for every class to get a bit of love or a mention.

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