Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Last Minute SoV Shin-kick.

Wooohooo, don't you love changes going forward in the Live version that were never tested and largely unannounced. After a month of it working in the opposite manner, JoV will no longer proc Seal of Vengeance.

From the official patch notes:



Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption: These seals have been redesigned. Only auto-attacks and Shield of the Righteous can place the debuff on the paladin’s current target(s). However, while the seal is active, each melee swing or ability (excluding judgements) that lands on the target will deal a percentage of weapon damage as Holy damage to the target. This damage maxes out at 33% weapon damage with 5 applications of the debuff and scales upward evenly based on how many applications of the debuff are active. This Holy damage deals double-damage critical strikes. In addition, the damage-over-time debuff is now considered a melee attack for the purposes of determining its chance to hit, miss, be dodged or parried.

I've got no confirmation that this has yet made it into the Live build as yet (sorry guys, Europe gets the patch tonight and servers will be up sometime in September) but to be honest it's not an absolutely huge nerf (though I'd hardly call it insignificant). It can really be summed up in one phrase: 'JoV already hits like a truck and we really, really don't want you using it in PvP'.

ADDED: Rasputin on EJ has just confirmed that SoV does not proc from JoV. Goodie.


Klepsacovic 05/08/2009, 00:19  

What's that right hand? I can't hear you! SPEAK UP!
That idiot never tells me what he's doing.

Will Armstrong 05/08/2009, 00:26  

Left hand, Can you hear me? -tap tap- Is this thing on?! HELLO?!

That idiot never tells me what he's doing.

Green Armadillo 05/08/2009, 00:56  

Wow. I don't even play my nominally Ret Pally, and I'm still in awe of the nerf after nerf that the spec has gotten this expansion.

Pangoria Fallstar 05/08/2009, 04:20  

I was able to kill a paladin today in pvp. I think they've finally been nerfed enough. Or maybe they're still figuring out the changes, we'll see.

Yeshua 05/08/2009, 14:34  

I guess I need to learn a new rotation or something...I changed my PvE spec to what everyone was touting on the various blogs, etc. and could barely scrape 2.5K dps together in heroics...when I used to be at 3.0-3.5K dps. WTF mate.

I wasn't too ineffective in PvP (used Seal of Command...the normalized damage wasn't quite as bad as I had feared) but now I really can't kill priest and druid healers.

*sigh* I guess I should've been used to this by now.

Suicidal Zebra 05/08/2009, 14:49  

@ Yeshua

5-man Heroic DPS was always going to be hit hard in the change from SoB to SoV. Heroics reward classes that can front-load damage, especially against multiple targets, which SoB allowed us to do.

As for PvP, I honestly think that any class without an MS-style effect will have no chance against healers given the nerfed levels of burst DPS across the board. Running without a warrior/rogue/hunter will be impossible simply because healing is much too powerful.

I'm not sure that there is anything I can suggest unfortunately :(.

Pangoria Fallstar 06/08/2009, 08:20  

I say they get rid of mortal strike effects and just throw a 50% healing debuff to all forms of pvp.

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