Wednesday, August 05, 2009

European Accounts Unable to Log On to WoW Servers.

Update: Things seem to be working fine now :).

Loads of reports kicking around that European WoW game accounts which have been converted to game accounts cannot log in to the game since the servers were updated to Patch 3.2.

So if you have a account and were worried that it was just you... don't worry, it's not. The forums are currently down so Blizzard can't relay info on whether they are aware of the problem and provide an ETA on the fix unfortunately. accounts can however log in to account management on the main WoW-Europe website if you want to check out your account status.

Accounts which haven't been converted to accounts appear to be unaffected by this specific issue and can log in normally. As to the stability and playability on those realms... YMMV.

I'll see if I can update this as and when more info is gleaned.


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