Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Orphan Adoption: Wolvar or Gorloc?

Children's Week Part Two is currently up on the servers, and features Matron Aria of Dalaran requests for help in keeping the orphan's under her care amused. This time you have a choice of companion, the Wolvar pup Kekek or Oracle hatchling Roo.

I brought Kekek along for the ride, and he seemed suitably impressed with the majesty of the Dragon Queen and power of that notorious killer Hemit Nesingwary. I was also privileged to gain an insight into the future of the Wolvar and Kekek himself.

Who will you adopt, even for a few hours? If you want to lend a helping hand don't forget, the Matron won't be around forever.


Klepsacovic 06/08/2009, 00:18  

I adopted Kelek since my paladin has moved on to the Frenzyheart, I was hoping I might get some rep. That wasn't the case, but I really liked the quests anyway. Kelek was funny.

In unrealted news, I like the handy chart.

Merlot 06/08/2009, 10:14  

Does your choice influence the reward?

Suicidal Zebra 06/08/2009, 11:28  

Yes. Adopt the Wolvar Pup and you will receive a Wolvar pup pet as a reward, adopt the hatchling and you'll receive a Gorloc hatchling pet.

Anonymous 06/08/2009, 19:43  

did both, one on each toon.

Dorgol 06/08/2009, 20:02  

I did Wolvar. And after finishing I took my new "friend" with me to do Oracle dailies!

I had hoped the Oracles would have something to say. Or that my Wolvar would run / attack / something.

Sadly, neither happened and I just did the dailes as normal. :|

Merlot 07/08/2009, 16:38  

Thanks, I got me a wolvar, so cute it hurts!

B_Dragon 11/08/2009, 08:40  

With most of my toons, I adopted the orphan Gorloc since they're mostly Exalted with the Oracles. My DK on the other hand got the orphan Wolvar just so I can have the entire set in my collection =P

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