Saturday, July 25, 2009

PTR Update: SoV Functionality Change.

You knew that just as soon as I scheduled the previous post something significant was going to change. Well, the penny has dropped and SoV has been hit hard in the latest build.

Previously, both the Holy Vengeance DoT and 33% direct damage proc would trigger from Crusader Strike, Divine Storm and Judgement. Now, none of these abilities interact with SoV in any way. On the flip side, Hammer of Righteousness does seem to interact in a normal way.

This may be an attempt by Blizzard to equalise the DPS output of SoC and SoV, especially in PvP. It may also be an indication that they want to make stacking SoV's DoT a tougher proposition, and hence slow down the pace of SoV-damage in PvP. In that case CS et al not procing the direct damage may be an unintended side-affect.

Hopefully we'll know more next week, fingers crossed that this is just a bug.


Josh 27/07/2009, 14:47  

Wait, what? The bonus damage won't proc off strikes once SoV is 5-stacked?

/narrows eyes

This is not good.

Suicidal Zebra 27/07/2009, 15:23  

Yep. EJ is working on the theory that they're half way through redesigning SoV so the DoT will only stack with auto-attacks and Judgement alone will no longer proc the bonus damage. I'm of the opinion however that this is simply conjecture; all we have to go on is the current build and in that build SoV is gutted.

Unfortunately, Blizzard may be receiving erroneously high DPS feedback on the PTR because of the grossly overpowered Libram of Valiance that has a 100% uptime. Removing this effect makes our PTR DPS before the latest build competitive, but not at all over the top.

Roll on the next build I guess.
Roll on the next one I guess.

Ardent Defender 27/07/2009, 16:34  

May ned to expand on the affects of these changes in another blog post. As not familiar with these change affects either.

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