Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cue the QQ: Minor MS Effects for Everyone in 3.2

Okay, not everyone. Yet

From the latest PTR Build:


* Permafrost now also reduces the target's healing received by 7/13/20%.


* Improved Mind Blast has an additional effect - while in Shadowform your Mind Blast also has a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to reduce all healing done to the target by 20% for 10 sec.

It's unlikely that these are the only two classes to get this talented Mortal Strike debuff, there's no real reason for them to get it and no-one else. A secondary effect for CS perhaps?

This strikes me as tacit acknowledgement that healing is going to be pretty over the top in 3.2 PvP, and so every offensive class will need the option of speccing for at least minor Mortal Strike in the Arena. Warriors, Rogues and Hunters obviously won't need such a talent and will continue to have an advantage at -50% rather than -20, but that won't stop the QQ.


Klepsacovic 08/07/2009, 01:42  

Tank scaling is totally out of control, so boss damage must be even higher, so healers need to be even more capable...

And then we get to PvP and go "oh, we've been giving healers the ability to heal through gods that required 25 people and now they're facing only one of those people."

I'm sick of MS, especially as an effectively passive thing: just part of the normal attack rotation with durations longer than cooldowns. It's such an obvious bandaid fix.

Maybe it's just impossible to balance. If the healer can't survive well enough to heal, then he might as well be DPS and do something before he dies. If the healer can survive to heal, he may become invincible. Does two DPS at once kill the healer? Sheep the second and laugh your way to a higher rating. Three? Five?

Another bandaid fix, but how about addressing the mana side? Healers get to heal through anything, but they're going to run out. Add more (but weak) mana burns or some new mechanic that stops mana regen (isn't this in Ulduar somewhere?). Then you get an interesting balance of whether the DPS can survive long enough to run the healer OOM, and it's not measured in hours.

Suicidal Zebra 08/07/2009, 02:43  

Ironically, rather than implement the Resilience change and new M&S-MS they could just increase the HP pool by 20% and achieve the same overall effect.

Merlot 08/07/2009, 12:19  

They've been resisting adding extra MS effects for how long? I'm guessing they've just run out of ideas. Doesn't leave one filled with confidence.

And I agree they can't stop here. Once you give MS to a few more classes, you'll have to give it to everyone. It'll become mandatory in arenas. Pretty soon Blizz will be designing healing around that 20 per cent debuff.

Sounds miserably like how they went about replenishment.

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