Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heh, There Goes That Worgen Idea.... Maybe.

A new PTR patch is up, and new Halloween facemasks are included. This seems to blow the idea of Goblins and Worgen featuring in the expansion as two new races out of the water, which is something of a shame.

Newly included are Murlocs, Naga, Valkyr and Ogres, all both male and female.

Yep, female Ogres.


On the bright side, this hopefully indicates a number of new features on offer during the Halloween holiday... still, I was looking forward to legions of Goblin Shaman.



But Wait, There's Lore states that unlike the Goblin and Worgen masks, the masks datamined today are not brand new art. Curious, and it smacks of covering ones tracks. Roll on Blizzcon ;)


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