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Paper Over the Cracks: Glyph Choices for Ret In 3.2.

With 3.2 due out in early August and some stability in class mechanics over the last few builds it's time to start nailing down the impact of 3.2 on gear and playstyle. This is the second part of a 3.2 Retribution Paladin Primer.

Major Glyph Mainstays - The New Seal of Vengeance Glyph

Things have changed in 3.2: no more Seal of Blood. Nope, you don't have it any more, no use crying over it. But wait, all is not lost. The replacement is much better and it's called Seal of Vengeance - a direct damage proc and awesome DoT? Yes please!

We're here to discuss Glyphs though, not Seals, and the new SoV gives you one extra option, the imaginatively titled 'Glyph of Seal of Vengeance'. But what's lacking in naming pizazz misses little in power as it still gives you a whole 10 Expertise. Not 10 Rating, 10 Expertise. That's -2.5% chance for the boss to dodge or parry your attacks.

But lets not get carried away. For one Expertise is a capped stat, any more than 26 (214 rating) is totally wasted and so the effectiveness the Glyph is directly limited by your gear, perversely having the potential to get worse as your gear improves. For another, there are also three other totally serviceable glyphs on offer which provide a meaningful DPS boost. A quick reminder:

  • Glyph of Judgement - The workhorse of any Ret Glyph selection, it generates 10% more Judgement damage.

  • Glyph of Consecration - CD Conflict Resolution and greater Mana Efficiency, there's nothing not to like about this Glyph. Except the name, it really should be called 'Glyph of Double D', a truer reflection of how awesome it is.

  • Glyph of Exorcism - 20% more damage on your Exorcism... Good, but is it good enough?

  • It turns out that Exorcism's Glyph is kinda like your Prom Date: not your first choice, nor your second, but just attractive enough if you squint at them in a crosswind. And unfortunately, like all horse-faced rejects of the goblin race they've been upstaged by the new girl on the block.

    The SoV Glyph isn't quite as good as Judgement or Consecration from a DPS POV, but works well enough all the same and is better than Exorcism's. However best in slot gear may cap Expertise, in which case it's time to turn back to old cross-eyed Mary and be thankful that she's not as picky as you.

    For reference, the 131.16 Expertise Rating is the cap for Ret when Glyph of SoV being used.

    The Wildcard - Holy Wrath

    Good-bye GoSoB, hello Glyph of Holy Wrath. This new addition in 3.2 reduces Holy Wrath's cooldown from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. That's a 15 sec cooldown 10 yrd AoE with 3 sec stun, but only usable against Demons and Undead, which at 20% base mana goes through your mana pool faster than I scoff a packet of Jaffa Cakes. It's hard to imagine an encounter where this would be useful (*cough*Crusader's Coliseum*cough*) but even in optimal conditions the trade-off is high. When your Raid Leader suggests it, which they will, sic your Mechanical Yeti on 'em.

    Mechanic Yeti - Strong Against Raid Leaders

    Minor Glyphs

    Nothing has changed in this score. Nothing. You'll still be using exactly the same ones you've used in the past 6 months of the game. That means Glyph of Sense Undead, Glyph of Lay on Hands, and Glyph of It Doesn't Really Matter, Probably BoMight, The Minor Glyph Concept Sucks Anyway.

    So there you have it, distilled down into simplest terms:

    PvE Major Glyphs:
    1) Consecration
    2) Judgement
    3)i) Seal of Vengeance until near Expertise Cap, then
    ii) Exorcism

    Minor Gyphs:
    1) Sense Undead
    2) Lay On Hands
    3) Might

    PvP will of course always be a more idiosyncratic choice tuned to your play style. Glyphs of Salvation and HoJ enter the equation, but I pretty much suck at PvP so make up your own mind. ;)


    Baring any unforseen changes, equipement will be the topic of the next part of this 3.2 Ret Primer. I'm now off to enjoy a jaffa cake. Or 20.


    Argon 27/07/2009, 20:16  

    I'm a fan of the glyph for Blessing of Kings. I think it really reduces the amount of drinking needed when rebuffing the raid after a wipe, if you get assigned kings.

    Anonymous 15/09/2009, 16:15  

    The Seal of Vengeance glyph is the best paladin glyph infact i have raided with my DK and wished we had something similar to that. 10 expertise is beyond OP. Expertise is a pain and doesnt increase your dps but like hit it makes you not loose dps. While in theory getting hit cap and expertise cap means you do more dps than a person's toon that isn't capped. Expertise and hit cap and sometimes you can find yourself having too much for it and having to re-gem. This addresses the lack of talent points giving to expertise like DK do but on the other hand DK only get 5 from talents and uding this glyph/seal gives Paladins 10. It is nearly impossible to cap expertise just from gear without taking a dps hit. This glyph makes it possible to use a wep that has armor pen/crit/haste intead of one that has expertise which means more dps :D. This article is well written and about minor glyphs some classes get more love in that department than others and paladin minor glyphs fail hard.

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