Thursday, July 30, 2009

PTR SoV Update.


Seal of Vengeance (SoV): The Seal in question.
Holy Vengeance (HV): The debuff left by Auto-attack hits/crits whilst SoV is active. This debuff causes periodic damage to the target.
SoV Proc: The direct damage proc from Seal of Vengeance. The damage of this proc depends on the number of copies of HV on the target, up-to 33% of weapon damage for 5 copies of the debuff.


A new build on the PTR has slightly improved the damage output of SoV during the ramping-up stage. In previous builds, the SoV Proc only occurred when 5 copies of Holy Vengeance were up on the target. Now, Seal Proc damage scales with the number of copies of the debuff on the target:

Holy Vengeance Stack SizeSoV Proc Damage (% Weapon Damage)
0No Proc

The Holy Vengeance debuff is still only applied via auto-attacks and HotR.

CS, DS and Judgement, aswell as Auto-attacks and Hammer of the Righteous, can all trigger the SoV Proc.

For the record, I still think it's a bloody stupid system, but it's now marginally less stupid. At the very least, Seal switching when DPSing a single target is totally unnecessary if the target lasts >6 seconds.


Unknown 31/07/2009, 00:58  
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Unknown 31/07/2009, 01:07  

I haven't been on the PTR in awhile. I imagine the white attacks do not proc the additional damage per dot until it is stacked to 5, right?

I'd like to see this turned into a buff that occurs on us. For every dot we apply, for 15 (or less) seconds we can do the added damage to any target. This will help us with our AoE damage, as well as give us that burst scare we still need. They haven't released any PVP-oriented changes. The reason other classes don't mind ramp up times is due to their abilities during ramp up time.

Rogue: stun, slow, MS, interrupt
DK: stun (pet), slow, root, interrupt, silence
Warrior: Charge, MS, interrupt
Feral: stun, maim, slow, high run speeds, feral charge

If they give us something to do in this ramp up time, then I think SoV won't be unattractive in PvP. After all, PVP is the reason SoV got nerfed in the first place.

Anonymous 31/07/2009, 07:43  

A little better then before. But as you said "a bloddy stupid system", could not agree more.

Im not a big fan of PvP and I hate that the paladin class is changed every big patch so that the dynamic is totaly changed.


Zin Outland Europe

Ferarro 31/07/2009, 08:00  

Yup, I was discussing this with some important people today. It's essentially the difference between an F and a D+.

It still does nothing to solve the multi-target/stack-dropping issue. But there are a few solutions being thrown around, so at least it's on their radar.

Firespirit 31/07/2009, 14:24  

At this point, all I can say is, at least they are tinkering.

From the verbiage of GC, I really expected the last iteration of this skill to go live, and even though this is still very, very handicapping, it is an improvement.

Lets see if they address the multiple target issue quickly enough. I expect that the patch goes live on tuesday, not much time to compile a new build before then.

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