Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Paladin Ranged Pull. *Does a Little Dance*

Because it deserves it's own post. After 4 years, two expansion releases, many class revisions and countless forum posts, it's finally on its way:

The taunt is called Hand of Judgement. It has a 30 yard range and 8 sec cooldown. It does a bit of Holy damage so that you can break sheep or freezing traps to pull mobs.


Okay, okay, it's supposed to be a tanking tool. And Hand of Judgement is a crap name. But from the sounds of things it won't be using the same mechanic as RD for targeting purposes (as it can be used on CC'd targets). Hence a minor damage 30yrd ranged pull. Yay!

(no more AotC kiting either you pesky hunters. We're on to your tricks!)


Matt (Ukeiron) 25/11/2008, 22:11  

It just dawned on me.

You know those quests where you have to pull flying mobs (like "Wrangle more Rays" in Ogri'la), and if you weren't prot specced, you had no ranged pull.

This fixes it.

(does happy dance)

Ever try to tag mobs in a populated area, and a mage tags it right when you get to it?

This fixes it.

(more dancing)

Ever find yourself desparately running toward a flag capper in AB, only to reach him a millisecond after he caps it?

This fixes it.

(more dancing)

Vndead 25/11/2008, 22:16  

good idea about the flag cappers ;)

I wasn't excited as you guys at first because we never had it for 4 years and we learned to live with it (we asked for a range pull like ages ago), but now, it can be great for pvp/bgs.

Galoheart 25/11/2008, 22:18  

Hmm, sounds interesting for a new taunt, though don't like the name of it. Name sounds unimpressive, just sound like a hand spell.

However guess GC finally seen the light and gave the class a single taunt. Hope the graphics is at least impressive after the long petition and wait.

Oh well at least I can still stay informed about the game. Keep it up bro.

Dradis 26/11/2008, 07:23  

I was hoping they wouldn't recycle initials. Now we have two HoJs. And can someone enlighten me on the PvP aspect of this? I don't get that part at all.

Vndead 26/11/2008, 18:33  

Dradis, when someone is capping a node, all we need to interrrupt someone from capping is to hit him with either range or melee within his 20sec of capping. As ret, we HAVE to run up and whack him because we never had any range attack. That usually ends up he capped it because it takes too long to run to him. Now we can have an instant cast at 30y, that's save us 2 or 3 seconds of running up to him.

This one isn't just a taunt, it is also dealing a "little" damage to break sheep, this will help us to interrupt the capper.

Hope that helps.

Vndead 26/11/2008, 18:34  

sorry 20sec=10sec (i think is the capping time)

Suicidal Zebra 26/11/2008, 20:17  

There are other PvP benefits, the most obvious of which is keeping a player in combat from range so they cannot Stealth/Drink/Rez etc.

It's not some sort of magic bullet for Paladin PvP woes I have to stress, but all in all it has the potential to be a very handy little tool.

Dradis 01/12/2008, 03:52  

Ah ha! Very nice indeed. I never really got into PvP mechanics to much since I don't do a lot of it. That is good stuff to know though.

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