Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Spanner in the Works

Unfortunately, due to circumstances well within my control but not solved nearly early enough, I'm not going to be off to Northrend until at least the beginning of next month. I kind of had an inkling that this would be the case some time ago, but because I'd spend quite a while in the Beta I had hoped that I wouldn't think it that big a deal.

With all my friends now kicking it in the Fjord or Tundra I've come to a realistaion: it kinda is :(

Anyway, as a kind of compensation I finally obtained an Albino Drake for my Paladin. I know, Alex will be saying 'months behind', but I think a few weeks to go from 5 mounts and no exalted home factions to 50 mounts, all without the benefit of any flavour of Netherdrake (I'll hit exalted tomorrow... bloody lack of Egg luck), isn't so bad at all.

So, those people who have had the chance to grab Wrath today or will do so this month, have a blast and spare a thought for those not able to get in there yet. And to those who won't be able to play WotLK for the foreseeable future, know that you are not alone.


Tom 13/11/2008, 23:22  

I'm sorryto hear it.... I understand you may not want to go into details, but if it's a money issue, let your readers know and put a donation link on the blog.

You can put me down for a 5 spot as soon as i see the link...assuming that's your issue (I can't think of anything else that would keep you on WOW but not in WOTLK)

Dradis 14/11/2008, 04:25  

i would throw you a bone if that was case. If its a person that is stopping you, well I know a guy who knows guy.....

Suicidal Zebra 14/11/2008, 13:22  

It's a money issue, but it's a symptom of a larger problem. I'll suck it up and hope that I can sort things out sooner rather than later. With any luck a couple of eBay auctions will go slightly better than expected and I'll be able to grab Wrath reasonably swiftly.

Dradis 15/11/2008, 05:25  

I think you should throw up a donate button on her linking to PayPal. There are at least a few of us that could help out.

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