Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Patch 3.0.3 Incoming Tonight/Tomorrow

MMO-Champion believes that the new patch is due to come up tonight on Live Realms in the US and tomorrow night in the EU. With this patch Live should 'catch up' to Beta in terms of the changes, but bear in mind that the Beta is still not without its errors in tooltips and mechanics.

See this post for the current paladin patch notes including undocumented changes, or read the whole datamined tooltip list at MMO-Champion. I could repost the list of changes but I don't see the point, the vast majority are tooltip changes or have already been hotfixed to live. Most importantly the Righteous Vengeance change has finally been implemented; on the other hand Judgement of Wisdom will return significantly less mana than it did with 3.0.2. And I mean significantly.

The most recent hotfix changes will still apply, but tooltips won't have been updated yet. Additionally, in theory Seal of Blood/the Martyr will be de-nerfed to around 95% of its previous value in terms of DPS. Which previous value they mean is anyone's guess but will probably require some testing to find out tomorrow/Wednesday. This should again make SoB/M the undisputed DPS Seal rather than it being nip and tuck with SoCommand.


Dradis 04/11/2008, 04:58  

How much of nerf are we talking on JoW? I ran Heroic UB today and never dropped below 65% mana, although I was being conservative. Also, I didn't notice a difference between SoComm and SoM as far as DPS, so hope that changes a bit. My shaman healer though did notice the backlash damage from the Seal and it is still not de-nerfed, so I am wondering if Paladins will become a burden, or worse a liability, if they run SoM.

Why do I feel like a battered spouse who just won't learn to leave?

Suicidal Zebra 04/11/2008, 13:54  

In 3.0.2 Judgement of Wisdom returned 2% mana on pretty much every hit. This is equivalent to 111 Mana on my Paladin, so it's definitely not an inconsiderable amount.

In 3.0.3 the mana returned has been reduced to 1% of total, and procs much less often. Elitist Jerks has stated that the proc rate is around 50%, but my own tests on the Beta indicate that something more complicated is going on. I think though that working off 1 proc every 3 seconds for 1% of total mana returned will be the sort of model to work from.

Dradis 04/11/2008, 14:05  

Oi vey. That is pretty grim. So glad I no longer have to rely on my pally as my main. No offense, but this stuff is getting out of control.

Unknown 04/11/2008, 16:37  

I think the combined changes are going to be worse than a lot realize. So many think the changes are already live, they don't realize some of these big things are coming today.

If the JoW change reverts me back to drinking after every other kill, then I'll respec prot and won't look back, and will AOE grind to 80 like the good ole days.

Ret was really only good because of the mana return. Prot will actually be better off, due to the usually faster weapon speeds.

And my hunter will be my first to 80....

Unknown 04/11/2008, 18:41  

Zebra, thanks for the news.

The advantage of reposting (which i loved you always do about Blue posts) is that some of us don't have access to gaming site at times.

To be honest, with the changes that already made in hotfixes, our class is still very good class (ret spec) overall. Dps is very nice even without the wings, healing is awesome with sheath of light, mana back from JotW is awesome... I think Ghostcrawler is on our side.

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