Thursday, November 06, 2008

Good News!

Ghostcrawler on the 'stealth' nerf to the talent Sanctified Wrath.

Sanctified Wrath is not giving us the "bypasses 50% of damage reducing effects" effect when we pop AW. It hasn't been since the 3.0.3 patch. Can we please get a response on this GC?

We think we accidentally broke this effect. It wasn't an intentional nerf, but we're still looking into it.


Update: We did break it. We should be able to hotfix this soon.


Seriously, we are strongly considering letting Vengeance stack up to 5 stacks (perhaps for more points) to make sure sustained damage is still good enough. We may still add a secondary effect to Crusader Strike too. Burst is certainly easy to add if we need to, though I really hope we don't have to

Well, that'd be nice. Still, if they are planning to change Vengeance back to a 5pt talent I'd like it to return to stacking 3 times, 5% each. Lets not go back to making a talent flat worse from one major patch to another please.

And CS secondary effects? Start speculating now.

EDIT: Apart from the Sanctified Wrath hotfix it seems likely that any changes will have to wait until 3.1. I'm not too worried by this TBH, there's still a long way till 80 and past Naxx-10/25 and I'm confident that Ret has all the tools it needs to do well in those forms of gameplay. Lvl80 PvP is going to be a very different beast to current PvP, and so an evaluation of BG and Arena gameplay @80 pre Season 5 would be a wise idea.

3.1 is shaping up to be a very significant balance patch. Should be fun ;).


In other news, PvP is a joke:

That said, in fairness WSG itself is fine since 3.0.3, I have a much bigger issue with AV where getting anything accomplished is like herding cats. On my travels I've decided that Resto Druids and Mages are pretty strong, Boomkins are nasty but squishy, and BM Hunters who know how to kite are evil.

Oh, and there are a shed-load of Ret Paladins out there, Alliance and Horde, who still have no idea how to play the class. I'm pretty bad, but those guys are just awful.


Anonymous 07/11/2008, 05:33  

As a prot paladin who will level to 80 as ret (tanking normal instances the way up as ret assuming we dont get dual specs until well into end-game), I would like something similar to stormstrike for shamans.

Crusader Strike could increase the holy damage dealt by the next three attacks to the target by 10% (whatever could be balanced) This would be nice especially as a tanking ret paladin as there arent a huge amount of holy dmg attacks to add threat through RF now that DS is physical and not holy. Any other thoughts?

Alex - aka Firelight 07/11/2008, 06:48  

Aw!!! Dont delete the names!! Why would you do such a thing!!!

I'd love to see if you pwned any of my guildies!!

Vndead 07/11/2008, 16:18  

that's nice to see that they're going to hotfix that. However, the state of the wings right now, unless your bubble is on CD, we can't afford to pop the wings. 2 min is a long long time. 1 min was long but maybe ok.

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