Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Lich King's Gaze Is Upon You.

The Wrath of the Lich King pre-Launch Event is starting, and things don't look good for Orgrimmar.

This probably wasn't a good time for Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream to attempt to kick seven bells out of each other.

Stormwind isn't immune to the Lich King's might:

For more check out MMO-Champion. Or alternatively Euripedes' post at CriticalQQ.


Alex - aka Firelight 11/11/2008, 09:28  


Did you hear about an Alliance attack on Silvermoon last night?

I was there! I heard 2 raiding horde guilds heard about what was happened, left their raid and ruined our fun at 7%! Gutted!!

Will be making a post about it later! Was Ace!! Even if we missed out by 7%

Vaadren 11/11/2008, 11:41  

I was right in the middle of that Orgrimmar event, and it was very enjoyable. Not really hard to kill the mobs (they seemed quite soft for 71 elites), but fun nonetheless. All of Orgrimmar was deserted, cause everyone was in the Valley of Honor!

@ Firelight: At least your server has some world PvP going on. The Alliance on our server downed Lor'themar and there was no Horde counterattack whatsoever. They'd rather sit at the Silvermoon AH instead of defending one of their leaders who's roughly 100 yards away.

Karl 11/11/2008, 17:01  

Oh, come on... the Horde got a real event... the attack on SW harbor is lame....

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