Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Haste and Ret.

Like: Haste provided by a group buff. Free for everyone... who cares if someone gets more benefit than someone else?

Example: Swift Retribution.

Don't Like: Haste on Tier Gear. Autoattack is a significantly lower proportion of DPS with Wrath mechanics than at any time during TBC and so Haste is awful.

Example: Paladin Tier 7-10 and 7-25.

Haste - Just Say NO!


Alex - aka Firelight 03/12/2008, 22:27  

Oh my god! I'm so confused!!

I thought you had to stack haste!


Suicidal Zebra 03/12/2008, 22:41  

No. No no no no no.

The value of stats goes roughly:

Strength>Hit>Crit>Expertise>>>>Haste>Armour Pen.

Whilst Haste was a very good stat in 2.4.3 with SoB, our new mechanics (2 new instant attacks, a strong Judgement and Consec, Seals procing from instants) and lower Seal damage per proc means that our Autoswings (Autoattack+associated proc) make up much less of our total DPS in 3.x. As Haste only scales autoswing damage it stands to reason that it would scale our damage less than other stats.

This means that for non-set gear we should pretty much avoid Haste and never gem for it. Sorry, I probably should have noted it on here earlier ;).

Alex - aka Firelight 04/12/2008, 07:42  

/me grabs a supersonic screwdriver and attempts to pick out the haste gems from his gear...

Dradis 04/12/2008, 11:08  

Rut row Raggy! I am specced Prot ATM, but I have been storing gear from quest rewards for Ret once dual speccing is available. Sigh. Stored gear is mostly haste. Sharded gear is mostly crit and expertise. Sigh

Vaadren 04/12/2008, 12:16  

Hmm, luckily I only just jumped into heroics. I was just about to make a list of gear I want, so it's good to know that there's been a change in stat importance.

Merlot 04/12/2008, 17:18  

You've got my vote. I loathe haste but can't get away from it.

Love the blog background btw. I should come visit from my reader more often :)

Anonymous 04/12/2008, 19:57  

Alex / Firelight - I want to comment on your blog and let you know that 2/2 Improved Ret Aura is worthless, but you don't have anonymous commenting enabled! =D


N 16/12/2008, 20:49  

2/2 Improved Ret Aura is worthless to retribution, but makes tanks exceedingly happy :). More threat when the boss hits you and more damage contribution? OK! It's also useful when you're off tanking undead baddies in either Naxx (Puppy Chow anyone?) or 5 mans (aka CoT Culling of Strat). Keeps the agro away from your healers ;). So yeah, it may be useless to us damage-wise, but its got a bit of importance to our raid members!

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