Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Judgement Bug Fix; Season 5 Begins.


Ghostcrawler posted a little while ago to say that the hotfix has been implemented. I understand that the US realms have been down for some time so it may not be possible to test it just yet, but report your feedback in the same thread.


Just a quickie.

Following some sterling work by testers in this thread it seems that the cause of the Judgement bug (a Judgement failure - mana cost and cooldown triggered but no damage, debuff or 'miss' notification) was narrowed down. It was previously thought that a non-crit Judgement following a critical Judgement was causing the problem, but the following reproducible method was generated which indicated another cause:

I believe I have pinpointed the issue!

I was correct in my thinking that when a debuff wears off while judgement is up it will become bugged out. This happens when ANY debuff from ANYONE wears off when you have a judgement on the target.

Here is what I think is happening:
Target has X debuffs on it
You use Judgement of Wisdom, which is now debuff position [X+1]
Target loses 1 debuff, moving Judgement of Wisdom to position X
You use Judgement of Wisdom, which tries to refresh buff [X+1]
Debuff [X+1] is not Judgement of Wisdom, Judgement of Wisdom fails

It seems like its a simple pointer error. Hope that helps!

I failed to mention that this in fact DOES include other players debuffs. Like a warlocks haunt could fall off of the boss and suddenly all the judgements cant be refreshed. I hope this gets fixed soon!

Also, This has NOTHING to do with if judgement crits or not. I've tried having a target lose 2 debuffs and then use HoJ then Judgement of Command, and it still failed.

(Source - Ralcour of Maelstrom US)

GC posted

Okay, we think we have been able to isolate this bug and put in a fix that prevents Judgements from failing any longer. Assuming a little more testing supports this conclusion we plan on hotfixing this.

Sorry you had to endure it for so long. :(

Fingers crossed for a hotfix soon, and if anecdotal evidence is anything to go by this should be a rather large fillip to our DPS and mana efficiency. Thanks GC :D

In other news, Season 5 is due to start tomorrow in the US (possibly Wednesday, or later, in the EU). Check out this great post by Tom at Blessing of Might for the skinny on obtaining Honour and Arena Tier gear for PvP. In addition, this post by Blue Bornakk provides a more general overview of how to obtain PvP gear, and also notes the quality of off-set gear (rings, amulets etc.) and that they will be available with Honour and a minimum rating requirement.

Good luck with your PvP!


Dradis 16/12/2008, 08:59  

Sweet! I hope this fixes some of the occasional mana issues I have. So I am guessing that there have been some issues with opening with HoJ, Judging, and then Judging again on the next cooldown. That seemed to happen to me a lot, but I thought it was a crit thing because of the 100% crit on a stunned target when judging command (which I have been doing a lot of since I am leveling my Belf Pally). The new evidence makes sense.

Unknown 16/12/2008, 19:27  

wow.. that guy, Ralcour of Maelstrom US, is really good ;)

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