Friday, August 08, 2008

WoW Olympics mini-Event: The Spirit of Competition.

The Deathknight write-up is in the works for tomorrow, but until then I just thought
I'd let you know about the new seasonal items just introduced to the Battleground's.

In order to commemorate the start of the Olympics in Beijing Blizzard are giving away a Competitor's Tabard (shown above) to every character that completes a Battleground, and to those that win a BG the chance of a Gold Medallion, which summons your very own Spirit of Competition, a small Chinese Dragon.

So, did you need an excuse to finish those BG's? Well now you have one.

(There may be more later on, or other holiday features I haven't seen yet. This just started from Midnight EU Server Time, so the US probably hasn't seen it yet.)


Alex - aka Firelight 08/08/2008, 12:45  

I got my tabard this morning before work!!

Gonna go get the pet later! :)

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