Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SZ is in the EU Wrath Beta!

As I alluded to last night, I found this in my in-box yesterday:

I proceeded cautiously, acutely aware that this may be a scam. Double-check sender... okay, double-check hyperlink... okay, enter code key... yay it works. I then copied Jana across to the Test Realm, for which there is an estimated 2 day turn-around time (which is a bit of a PITA).

The patching process has been long and a little involved. The 2GB main patch was fairly pain-free (apart from the usual issues associated with P2P downloading on wuch a scale). Downloading the mini-patches has to be done with the Launcher app however, it seems that the in-game downloader attempts to download the enUS patch version rather than enGB. No biggie, let the Launcher do it's thing.

So, with a fully patched game but no Paladin to play what is a guy to do? Well, the only thing he can do, the Deathknight beginner quests!

I'll do a brief (and as much as possible spoiler-free) write-up of that quest line in a little while. But in the mean-time, let me know if there are any Wrath questions I can reasonably answer or investigate on my lonesome. Equally, any suggestions of 'fit for 3.0' mods for proc calculations etc would be most welcome.


Alex - aka Firelight 06/08/2008, 15:00  

Aw its so not fair!!! :(

I want to play!!!

Galoheart 06/08/2008, 16:43  

Damn Lucky!

Yeah not fair.

Gratz though. Looking fwd to hearing about the content.

Tom 06/08/2008, 22:41  

I just found your blog and look forward to future posts! I do have a question I'm hoping you can answer when your pally comes in.

Currently, if you spec 3 points in ART OF WAR, it's supposed to give your hand of freedom a 100% chance to remove a stun effect.

I posted on MMO-CHAMPION and got into some debate on weather that meant "remove a stun affect on yourself and others" or just on "others"

Could you get someone to stun you and try hand of freedom (with 3 points in AOW) and see if you break the stun?

If you can, then it's a definite must for PVP build, if it does not, then I'll put the 3 points somewhere else.

Rogosh 07/08/2008, 14:17  

Good luck and have fun.. I thoroughly enjoyed the DK starter quests and the new area.

Once you get your Paladin over, you're going to love the new areas.. very fun.

If you're an add-on addict like many of us, check out the UI forum, there's a list of working add-ons.

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