Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Happened at Dragoncon '08?


Rumour = fake. Blizzard = weren't there.

Yes, this is another 'Kalgan hates Paladins' meme that has no foundation.


The Paladin and Hunter forums are whispering about goings on at this years Dragoncon. Allegedly there was an uncharacteristically straight-talking Q&A session featuring Kalgan and Ghostcrawler on Friday or Saturday Evening, but details of what went down are impossible to find. This is quite bizarre, usually after that sort of Q&A session you can't breathe for transcripts, analysis and opinion, especially in a major event.

There is another option: this is simply a whispering campaign with no foundation in fact, just the sort of thing we've all seen before regarding disgruntled Paladins and the WoW Devs. Lacking clear evidence I'd have to go with that, especially as none of the Event schedules list Blizzard as being there. Though it's fun to believe that Kalgan was booed at an event, it seems unlikely that this was the case.

The Event was backed by Massively and WoWinsider, so we should probably keep our eyes on those two sites for 'Official' write-ups from tomorrow onwards. Still, it's very curious that we've heard nothing.

So, what happened? Hoax, or hullabaloo?


Grimthorn 24/09/2008, 17:49  

Blizzard wasn't there. As you say, all of the WoW sessions were run by the WoW Insider folks this year.

Believe me, we'd love to have Blizzard, and I'll be doing all I can to make that happen, but if they came, they bought a badge and stayed far far away from any of the WoW events.

-Grim (oh by the way... I'm the MMO track director, so consider this "official")

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