Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yeah, About That Screenshot Meme...

Well, tagged by Josh I had to do my duty and post a screenie. The only problem was... did I have a 6th screenshot folder? Well, I do, and this is what I came up with:

During the Wrath Beta Lady Sylvannas' model was changed quite a few times, and I think this was the first one that made it to the servers. Thank goodness they didn't stick with it ;).

Anyway, the trawl through my screenshots had me wondering which was my oldest. Unfortunately due to numerous reinstalls I don't have any *really* old ones. The best I can do is this one from December '07:

Oh, and one final screenie showing the world as it was rather than as it is now: a shot from pre-Sunwell.

Who to tag, who to tag... well definitely Alex. It should be interesting to see what Lance has kicking around. Oh, and Vaadren surely has something to show us. Everyone else has surely been tagged by now.


Lance 26/02/2009, 07:38  

Lance will dig out some old photo fossils once the evil forces of employment allow him to stick his head out of the work-muck!

Stay tuned for some retro, vintage, paparazzi wonders...

Alex - aka Firelight 26/02/2009, 09:52  


I'm going to have to plug in my old hard drive and take out my really really old screenies from vanilla wow!!

Will try to do it tonight! :)

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