Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paladin Tier 8 Pics.

Update 2:

Full high-rez picks of all Tier 8 sets can now be found at MMO-Champion, including new particle effects for some sets. We still don't really know what the colour-schemes signify, nor whether we get the leggings or surcoat model for our tier gear.


The Paladin Tier 8 set now comes with a kilt! (or surcoat if you prefer, cassock if you are that way inclined).

from Retpaladin.com Forums.

Both leggings and kilted versions are in the game files, no-one really knows which variation will be our final set.


See the previous post for a full list of Paladin 3.1 PTR changes.

Finally, an update from MMO-Champion with the four different colour-schemes and proper particle effects:

Human Female modelling Tier 8... isn't flattering.

Older images here and here

It seems this set was based on concept-art found in the WotLK CE box, with the kilt removed:

It's possible that we'll get the kilt back at some point. Right now, I'd say the looks were a trifle 'meh' and almost shamanie, but much better than they could have been (tier 5.... *shudder*). The white and blue colour schemes look pretty good overall, copper and purple is pretty bad though. And that helm... hide as default please.


Compare Paladin Tier 8 to Warrior Tier 8:

Setting aside the Aries - the Misspelt Olympian God of War theme, more graphical effort appears to have been made with the warrior one. We'll be getting particle effects which may make things looks better, but it probably won't bring T8 up to the level of class that is T2 or T6.

Other Tier8 Armours can be found here.


Will Armstrong 24/02/2009, 16:19  

Doesn't concern the armor (which I am holding my opinion on until I see it in motion and on a less chunkier model than human male.), but the patch contains a lot of new vanity pets with a decisively Easter theme (mechano-peep, spring rabbit), so I'm guessing that 3.1 will be live before April.

NightKnight 24/02/2009, 16:24  

So pally tier would have looked cool had they actually modeled it after the artwork, but they went and blizzard ghey-ified it. The gear would have been reminicient of T2 had they left the kilt on, which would have made it look kinda cool.

Sephkka (Paladin) 24/02/2009, 17:43  

This is taken from a WoW model viewer, in the middle of the first night the PTR version of the Patch. It very well may be incomplete. (And I hope so looking at how tiny those leg plates are..)

Not that bad of a tier set for us Pallies, but Ulduar makes me wish I rolled a dorf for that armor set =P

Anonymous 24/02/2009, 22:43  


That is all. Severely disappointed with this set so far, the female version looks even more unbelievable than past versions of plate-lingerie.

NightKnight 26/02/2009, 17:45  

Well, I have to admit that the White and bronze has grown on me, it looks like something that would come out of Ulduar. Anything but that first set shown to us is better. I'd pick between the white / bronze and the red / black. The blue / black is too reminicient of our hateful pvp gear lol.

Billy Tatu 26/02/2009, 18:02  

Posted a similar blog on my end. Quite a bit disappointed with the female model more than the male, but both are disappointing to me.

Lance 27/02/2009, 11:58  

I think its okeyish, looks better with assorted items equipped. Still, probably not as good as most we had but better imo than Crystalforge

Anonymous 28/02/2009, 18:14  

Thanks for posting about the Kilt information. I haven't read that anywhere else. I really hope they make the change.

The concept art is amazing O.o

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