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Retribution Aura Threat et other stuff.

Okay, this is a strange one: can anyone recall with confidence if the threat caused by Retribution Aura's damage is attributed to the Paladin or the player hit? I'm pretty sure that it counts towards the Paladin, which is why I've had adds attack the tank and then peel off to hunt me down (yeah yeah, I know the tank should be laying down some hardcore AoE threat, it's not my fault if he cant find his Thundercrate key). If that's the case, a change would be nice.

Speaking of changes, smart money is on the 3.1 PTR launching tomorrow (Monday). Keep your eyes peeled for breaking news from the usual sites tomorrow. I have a feeling that there will be some surprises.

There's a lot of chatter in some circles about Seal of Blood's Judgement feedback damage being too high in certain gimmicky fights (Loatheb, Thaddius etc). Really, the Judgement damage scales too well versus health pools (HP has doubled, JoB damage has more than tripled) so an argument can be made that the health loss should be capped. I'm torn, but I'm not enamoured with JoB's feedback damage mechanic and associated SA mana regen, which I've always considered to be a retrograde mechanic that Ret shouldn't need.

Oh, and a word from Ghostcrawler regarding the prospective nerf to Spiritual Attunement:

Our intention is not to nerf Ret mana generation. Our intention is to nerf Holy mana generation. In our tests, mana generation for Holy healers was quite variable depending on whether the paladin is taking damage or not. Since we don't want fights that do raid damage to always be easier than fights that don't do raid damage, Spiritual Attunement is something we are looking at.

This is not the actual solution that we are going to do, but if it make you feel better, imagine that SA becomes a talent in both deep Protection and deep Retribution so that non-healing paladins are not mana starved.

We're also not trying to cripple Holy paladins. But they are very dominant in Arenas at the moment (which is partially a function of what is happening to other classes), and they have very few mana problems even on challenging PvE content (like Ulduar). We do need to look at them.


QUOTE:Smart healers should almost never take damage.

Because of the way we design encounters, we disagree. I assume you are really saying that smart healers don't stand in fires. They shouldn't, but that's not really what I am talking about. Take a fight like Saphiron. You can't avoid the damage. Holy paladins take damage, get healed, and get mana. Now I know Saph is srs bzns and all that, but you can see the encounter design problem we can get into.

In PvP, they can't really opt out of taking damage either. Granted SA isn't a factor for most 2-player teams.


I'm not sure I'm a fan of the SA method to sustainable mana regen for Ret but it's a relief to see they understand that Ret sometimes relies on this mana. We shall have to see how well Holy can hope with just Divine Plea and Replenishment in the AoE-damage fest of Ulduar encounters, my gut is that mana won't be a huge issue. It should be interesting to see how they enact the change, as previously mentioned Illumination could be a candidate. Or something else entirely.

If I had one wish for 3.1 it would be "hands off Judgement of Wisdom". If you don't know why download and run WWS to see how much mana it regens (personal and raid-wide). It may surprise you.


Jacob 23/02/2009, 06:45  

Suicidal Zebra muttered: adds attack the tank and then peel off to hunt me down

I can confidently recall the pre-3.0 behavior. The pre-3.0 behavior was that threat caused by Retribution aura is attributed to the player hit, not attributed to the paladin that is the source of the aura.

I have not played my paladin much since 3.0, so don't know if this is still the case or if it changed.

Is it possible you're doing any other actions that cause threat? Are you re-sealing during combat? (Buffing causes threat.) Are you using divine storm, or any other heal abilities? (Healing causes threat.)

Merlot 23/02/2009, 09:52  

I'll second your BoW wish. Wisdom is awesome. But I'm a little concerned that, with the way Blizz is pushing replenishment, they may turn on BoW and mana stream. Here's hoping not.

Anonymous 23/02/2009, 16:53  

pretty sure the threat goes to the player that is hit...I think it says "YOU cause X holy damage to anything that strikes you" ...or something like that. I guess the best way to figure that out is to grab someone and go aggro some mobs by having the other person body pull.

Orgauth 23/02/2009, 17:46  

Agree with "Anonymous". The key in the test is to avoid generation of ANY threat whatsoever beyond stepping in the aggro radius. If threat is attributed to the source that is "broadcasting" the aura rather than the player "receiving" it, the mob should turn and go after the Ret paladin "transmitter" after the first occurrence of holy damage.

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