Thursday, February 05, 2009

Keeping My Fingers Crossed.

The first round of 3.1 information has been coming out overnight with Rogues, Priests and Shaman being the lucky ones.

Here's hoping we see something this week for Paladins, and that it's fun. Divine Spirit's movement to a baseline ability makes me hopeful that the same change will apply to Kings.

Thanks to Merlot at Misery for the heads up.


Josh 05/02/2009, 14:41  

Tim, we ain't getting Blessing of Kings baseline. It's just not in the cards.

NightKnight 05/02/2009, 16:14  

Paladins don't get anything cool, you should know better! Shame on you! lol. I'm hoping to see some change hopefully for the better since our baseline dps is o.k. and only starts to scale with better gear. Argh.. I need to get hit capped again.... damn t7 leggings.

Kyosei 05/02/2009, 16:50  

A long time ago they said they didn't really want to make Kings baseline. Though with its current position in the tree, I don't really see a reason why not. It's basically how nature's grasp used to be.

Suicidal Zebra 05/02/2009, 16:56  

Bah, bursting my bubble of hope again Josh :(.

But seriously, I'm not sure that anyone saw the Divine Spirit change coming. However it is a logical change if they want to make group oriented talents more appealing for the individual taking those talents. Group buffs cannot be reconciled with this rationale, especially mutually exclusive buffs like Blessings. Kings to baseline (or eliminating it completely) suits the approach, though taking it is hardly a hardship for us.

I'm banging an old drum here, so lets move on.

We should probably look at skills like Swift Retribution and Imp. Ret Aura for a few tweaks. Prot and Holy could probably do with a longer look at talents but as I'm at a loss to think of something that the class *needs* right now. Apart from a Quality 11pt Prot Talent of course.

Warriors, Druids and 'Locks just got their tempters. Hopefully ours won't be too long.


"Argh... I need to get hit capped again"

Don't let Josh read that, he'll go spare ;)

Will Armstrong 05/02/2009, 17:31  

1. Kings Baseline, but only grants 5% to all stats. Introduce a tier 2 talent that increases the effectiveness by 3/5%, bringing it back up to standard. In this way, stacking paladins can still give a decent buff even if they don't talent it. Instead of, you know, throwing Wisdom on rogues...

2. Concentration Aura + Changes made to spell pushback = one more aura we never use. It really is due for an overhaul.

3. If Warriors are getting rage from dodge/block/parry, why are protection paladins forced to invest in talents for a buff they will only ever use on themselves? Make Salvation a permanent buff (or a long duration buff, or better yet, a buff to Righteous Fury), let us use Wisdom or Might to maintain mana / damage more effectively.

4. Just make improved Judgment a one point talent or reduce the Judgment cooldown outright. This talent has been silly forever.

Josh 05/02/2009, 19:17  

Hit cap doesn't matter. Stack strength and be happy.

@that crazy equine
You see Replenishment to demo locks? I just wrote a little rant about it. I don't get it.

@Will Armstrong
I assume you meant make *sanctuary* a permanent buff, no?

NightKnight 05/02/2009, 19:23  

Haha. Right? My hit cap dipped hella low when I swapped the heroic 200 level leggings for T7. I just can't pass up the 4 piece set bonus lmao. 7 second judgements ftfw.

I have a new post up with some mixed news of whats been happening lately with me in game (well kind of out of game as well I guess). In case anyone was curious as to why my posts have been somewhat sporadic lately.

On a lighter note, at least I get to see 25 man content again and to see it all with my sweetheart :D.

NightKnight 05/02/2009, 19:25  

Oh and Josh, I can never fking post on your blog due to the integrated comments section lol. Change the settings zomg!

I've wanted to post on some of your posts for the longest time and I remember typing out this huuuuge comment all in response to one of your blog posts but it failed lol.

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