Sunday, March 15, 2009

That Spiritual Attunement Change

Quick question apropos nothing much. Is the change to Spiritual Attunement, from baseline ability to talent, the first time a baseline ability has become a talent? There are plenty of examples of the opposite, Blessing of Kings being the latest instance, but I can't recall this specific direction of change since the game started.


Klepsacovic 16/03/2009, 00:10  

I can't think of anything. Paladins must be trend-setters.

kyosei 16/03/2009, 00:20  

Technically not a baseline ability, but the racial priest ability Desperate Prayer became a talent. That's closest I can think of ;p

Dorgol 16/03/2009, 15:43  

I wanna say a Rogue ability became a talent between one of the betas and release, but I can't remember.

Maybe I'm just confusing the change of Cloak of Shadow from a talent to a skill... :|

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